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Do you support making Rhode Island the third state to legalize recreational marijuana?
348 votes (60%)
229 votes (40%)

Some Rhode Island lawmakers want to legalize and tax marijuana. Do you support the Marijuana Regulation, Control and Taxation Act, a bill that would make Rhode Island the third state to legalize recreational marijuana?

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Well according to your bad grammar and lack of knowledge on the subject I hope you do some research prior to making your vote if this is placed on a ballot.

I agree, Catherine! Isn't it funny when others (Democrats) do not agree with your views, they resort to name-calling or insults.

Warwick 10...you are doing the same thing. You just insulted people who do not agree with your views that voice that disagreement as Democrats. How exactly do you know Warwick Res 113 is a Dem? I am in agreement with the lack of knowledge on Catherine’s part too and I am not a Dem.

All I know is... many of the people I know smoked as young adults.... most of them stopped by the age of 30, and lead normal lives. Even the one's that still occasionally smoke are doing fine. Now... Alcohol, that is a different story. Those that became addicted to Alcohol have had some very hard lives.

Marijuana today is way more powerful than 30 years ago when all of you potheads were using it 'and doing just fine'. We already have too many unmotivated young people. Another drug won't help. Dude, seriously, put the blunt down and get a job.

How many marijuana overdoses recorded last year? None. How many people have smoked so much pot that they go out and commit a violent crime? None. How many people have smoked marijuana, got behind the wheel, and killed others? None recorded. Supplement alcohol in the questions above and the answers are in the thousands!!!! This is the 21st century, marijuana isn't going anywhere, it's time we regulate it. By doing so, we will put the REAL drug dealers out of business, bring some money to the state for once, boost the economy, yes, it will boost our economy, it will also free up prison space for non violent criminals, save taxpayers money, etc etc etc...As for the "so-called" negative effects on the brain, I ask you, what do you do for a living? I'm a practicing attorney that uses marijuana on a recreational basis once in a while. My brother is a computer programmer who smokes occasionally. I have a good friend who is a Dr at Boston Medical, graduated top of his class from Harvard, and guess what, he smokes marijauna too. Don't try to stereotype your so-called average smoker because everyone is different. As for adverse health effects, they are miniscule compared to cigarettes, so shouldn't we prohibit cigarettes?? There are far more pressing issues to debate over, this is not one of them.

"All of you Potheads".... what a joke. Yes, you're 100% correct. Pot now is much, much stronger... but maybe that is why people smoke much less. Back in the day you'd need quite a few hits to feel anything... now, different story. Its the same as someone that switched from beer at 6.8% alcohol to Vodka at 40% alcohol.... do you think they still drink the same amount??

Ok, I read all your comments, and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, with the unemployment in our state how are people suppose to support their habit once they start smoking? and as far as my bad grammar? what do you expect? I speak Rhode Island. Have a great day.

What does being a Democrat or being unemployed have to do with legalizing pot? Nothing! I have found that most people who are against legalizing pot have never tried it. So, smoke a joint and vote yes for legalization once the time comes. You will be a happy ,hungry camper!

With a seven thousand year history of cannabis use, as safe and effective for many ailments and just for relaxing why do you believe its wrong.

The noted scientist Carl Sagan ultimately concluded that it was easy to use marijuana in moderation. For that reason he wrote that "the illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world."

He proposes a plant that brings unity and fellowship, however I guess that is an awful thing.

So it seems people do not realize that cannabis is more beneficial than damaging to most people. It was the most prescribed medicine in the world before the US policy made it illegal in 1937. So drink you lives away, smoke your tobacco, take your pills the doctor gave you and let people use cannabis.

It seems sad that so many people truly believe the lies of a government that keeps marijuana illegal because in our past robber barons felt it would hurt their bottom line and today thousands of jobs are at stake, jobs that arrest, judge and in prison. I guess locking people in prison is the preferred response to those who are against marijuana.

Still today people think of it as a negative instead of the most wonderful and helpful plant on the planet. Sad that the truth is hidden from the people.

The nation of Israel is leading research and prescribing marijuana for many ailments. Is not simply relaxing and enjoying the night off or the weekend off a good thing? People who use fear like the propaganda film Reefer Madness are simply uninformed, or believe the lies our government has told for many years. Are apparently are afraid to do the research for the truth for themselves.

Ask yourself if marijuana is so terrible why has there never been a recorded death due solely to cannabis use. 25k killed by drunk drivers ever years. More drug overdoses from legal drugs than all the illegal drugs combined. Propaganda is a very powerful weapon that many people can never see the truth of the matter.

Colorado is expecting about $133 million dollars in tax revenue for the sale of marijuana. Not to mention that previous smaller cultivators are now growing considerably and are able to hire more workers. Other industries like hemp paper, clothing, and even cars are just waiting to be put into production. It's a win- win for this state and if the feds were truly smart and concerned about people and drug addiction issues, then they would follow the suit of countries who have succeeded in treating drug addiction as that and not a crime. Always ask yourself who stands to benefit and who stands to lose? In the case of marijuana, an herb that has been cultivated and used for thousands of years, drug companies, and law and order systems will see a decrease in their use, while the state and it's people gain the benefit. The most important thing is that sustainable practices are used so we don't poison our water. For a state that has one of the highest drug use rates and unemployment rates, I say we should legalize, and put that tax revenue right back into the people and the state.

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