October 24, 2014

Jen Rodrigues: Editor




What is your favorite spot in Warwick?
I love going to Iggy's. Going there just feels like summer, even if it is a rainy, cold day.

What’s your dream vacation?
My dream vacation would be traveling throughout Europe for a few weeks. Visiting England, France, Italy and Greece are all items on my bucket list, so to see them all in one trip would be amazing.

If your house were on fire, what are the three things you’d grab?
I would have to grab my planner, my Nook and my cat.

If someone made a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?
In the movie of my life, I would want to played by Reese Witherspoon because she is incredibly talented and my favorite actress.

If you weren’t in journalism, what would you do for a living?
I always thought it would be so much fun to be an event planner. I love planning get togethers with my friends and family, and always enjoyed putting together events with student organizations in college. I think helping people plan their weddings or super sweet sixteens would be a blast.

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