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(Drugs and dirty cops)

There are 12 bridges leading out of Manhattan.

When two drug dealers kill eight cops and escape with a stash of drugs, Chaswick Boseman plays the NYC detective whose job is to catch them before daybreak. Therefore, "12 Bridges" is mostly shot in the dark streets and alleys of the city, with lots of foot and car chases and narrow escapes.

J.K. Simmons, who seems to be selling insurance all day and night on TV, is the top cop who gives the orders. But wait, this is about more than cops chasing bad guys. Maybe there's a dirty cop or a bunch of dirty cops in the mix.

No one ever gets very close to those 12 bridges in the title, but lots of people get killed in the hour and a half-movie, and the police force is a bit smaller at the end.

Rated R, with profanity and violence.


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