October 13, 2015
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2014 Republican Primary Mayoral Debate
Mayor Scott Avedisian and Stacia Petri.

Click on the link below to find the 2014 debate between Mayor Scott Avedisian and challenger Stacia Petri.


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I'm glad I don't have to vote for either of these two. I've seen Stacias online stuff. She has absolutely no plan. And with cushmans doctored numbers/pie charts on her team I'm scared if she gets through....

The mayor was trying to show he has experience, it worked at times...it didn't at others. I thought he looked nervous and it really shows how long it's been since he's had to look next to him at a debate desk and see a viable candidate there. He's not used to answering tough questions, he really looked weak on the subject of schools and it showed by his red, sweaty face.

I thought Stacia did well, especially for a first time candidate. I thought she did a great job in taking the mayor to task on tax increases. However, she needs to come up with a few specific policy ideas. Right now she can only talk about what the mayor has done wrong, and that will earn her some votes in the coming election. But it's new idea's or some type of policy proposal that will WIN her the election.

Also I would be doing a great disservice if I didn't bring up the tactics of John Howell. Mr. Howell you have shown a unique inability to be fair and unbiased in this election. You write glowing piece after glowing piece about the mayor, and basically serve as his communications director. The fact you wouldn't allow the public to attend the debate is absurd. I'm sure you will do anything you can to get this mayor re-elected, so you and your old way of thinking friends can get whatever you want in the Rocky Point area with no objections. The problem is that you are supposed to be an objective journalist, your behavior is beneath the profession and a disgrace. It's one thing if you want to cheerlead for the mayor, but then let someone else write the articles, let somebody else ask the questions at the forum. I've said this once and I'll say it EVERYDAY on this comment page for the rest of time until you respond: You have lost your fastball sir, and your biased media shouldn't be tolerated by taxpayers of this city who deserve better. Exit stage right Mr. Howell, the people of Warwick deserve it!

She may not be the most ideal candidate. That's okay. If she struggles we can vote her out in two years. The important thing is to get him out of the way so we can get an informed and transparent look at the cities finances. Avedisian only cares about his base of public union employees and retirees. Good luck Stacia. And Scall024, you got Howell tagged perfectly. He does lead the Mayor's p.r. firm.

The second you ask her a question on Facebook or question one number she blocks you and all your comments. She is pretty good at running from answers. My guess it's because she is clueless.

Steve about the only expertise you have regarding pie, is eating one.

I don't pretend to know or comment on specifics related to your job at the fire department . Like wise you don't have the education and professional expertise as I do to comment on my analysis.

Imagine you gave me a written analysis that I may have a potential fire in your home based on a, b and c. I ignored it but someone else reads it and said "Bob you need to fix this". I tell that person, "What the hell do you know about fire safety?" Sounds like what Mayor is saying right? Stacia is like the second person who actually read the report and verified it is accurate.

Look at the dam report. Verify the data I used is accurate. Pretty easy to do. If it is accurate and you would like to comment, I would be happy to hear what you have to say. But to dismiss it as "just a kitchen table chart" basically shows that the mayor is afraid of the truth.

Copy and paste this link into your browser.


I don't bob but I do trust every actuary and state official that has reviewed all the numbers over yours. Your distorting the facts using false assumptions. I DONT BELIEVE YOUR NUMBERS.... GOT IT BOB....

Since there is NO ONE retiring in pension fire/police pension 1 anymore how many people will be alive in 2026 when you claim the lability will be 300 million. They are all old and sadly to say they are dying. Your numbegrs are absurd.

Steve you don't have the proper educational background to understand this stuff. I understand. That's ok.

Believe who you want that's ok too. I however really DON'T CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE STEVE.... GOT THAT.

I don't intend to be paying for all these liabilities forever.

You need people like me TO STAY in Warwick for many more years than I need you. Just remember that.

And remember I and many more like me can leave and if that happens that will jeopardize everything YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO BELIEVE IN!

Why am I wasting my time? THESE NUMBERS ARE NOT MINE!!!!!


I didn't bake this pie Steve, I'm serving it to you. Don't blame me if you find it bitter.

To say that Bob Cushman is full of himself would be an understatement.

"You need people like me TO STAY in Warwick for many more years than I need you. Just remember that.

And remember I and many more like me can leave and if that happens that will jeopardize everything YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO BELIEVE IN!"


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