40 years at Mousie's, a tasty history


Lorie Andrews and her daughter-in-law, Challice Perdomo, arrive at 7 a.m. to begin slicing the fresh meats, cheeses, veggies, prepping the tuna salad and preparing the ingredients for the onslaught of hungry customers.

At 9 a.m., people are already walking through the door for their first meal of the day: a sandwich from Mousie’s Deli.

Andrews said that it all started with an aquarium and fish store, Tuffy’s Aquarium, over 40 years ago. Andrews’s parents, Raymond Tillinghast and Challice Sue, would drive to New York to buy exotic fish to supply their store, and would frequent New York delis while there. After taking a liking to the New York style, they decided to bring those flavors back to their own hometown of Warwick.

Andrews recalled the original deli before her parents’ ownership. First it was Schroder’s, then Miller’s, then Mueller’s and, finally in 1978, Tillinghast and Sue, along with their business partner Gary Moszkowicz (whose name Andrews was unsure of how to spell), officially bought the small Deli and named it Mousie’s. The name came from their partner Gary’s nickname, which people used frequently due to, fittingly enough, the difficulty pronouncing his real name.

Tillinghast and Sue became sole owners by 1980.

Andrews said her parents experimented with ingredients and new sandwich concoctions that eventually developed into the menu still used today.

With originals such as the #1, “Tilly,” named after her father, consisting of roast beef, onion, lettuce, and Mousie’s Hot Sauce on an onion roll or the #10, “Magee Hickey,” named after the famous reporter, which is a concoction of hot corned beef, hot pastrami, melted Swiss, coleslaw and Russian dressing, the sandwiches only get more complex from there. Each one has it’s own unique quirk or story behind its origin.

Their most popular by far is the #23, “Thanksgiving.” “We have people come in the day after Thanksgiving for it because they didn’t have any leftovers,” said Andrews.

Even celebrities like James Woods, whose brother had owned Aable Jewelers right next door, had stopped in for a bite. Andrews recalled: “He wanted eggs in his sandwich and we didn’t carry them at the time, so we started buying eggs for the deli.” Hence the creation of the #17, “James Woods,” which consists of cold turkey, onions, sliced egg and Russian dressing. Andrews said Woods still occasionally stops by to this day.

Lorie Andrews first started working in the deli for her parents as a kid and, by 2003, took over as owner when her father eventually retired. She has continued the same traditions that gave the deli its charm, including all fresh produce and a steamer that heats the meat and melted cheeses together.

“No other place has that. It’s what makes the sandwiches,” said Perdomo.

Andrews and Perdomo elaborated on their own memories and history in the deli.

“We took our first steps here,” Perdomo said. “We grew up here…It’s like home to me… This is a huge part of my life. She’s [Andrews] not just my mother but my best friend.” Andrews added that they’ve hosted many birthdays and even baby showers in the past.

Geri Davis, another woman that works at the deli part-time, volunteers because she simply loves spending time there.

“I think of her as a nana,” said Perdomo.

There is a noticeably strong family dynamic between the three of them, and the deli itself resonates this dynamic. Laden with old tools, Challice Sue’s old horse saddle, street signs, a teapot collection, assorted knickknacks and a 1990s map of Warwick with Mousie’s drawn in, the atmosphere is unique in and of itself.

Andrews explained the decorations came from when her and her late husband would buy boxes of assorted items from auctions, where they started to build up at her home before she had the idea to decorate the deli.

The rustic deli environment doesn’t stop there. The glass display on the counter reveals all of their products available for wholesale, as well as 12 different types of chips clipped in colorful rows at the register and a chalkboard with sandwiches written in.

With the option of fountain soda with free refills if you stay, or an array of drinks in the fridge, the options are extensive. Every sandwich comes with a freshly sliced semi-sour garlic pickle, toothpicks to keep the sandwich together, and a fork to eat what fell out onto the plate. For people on the go, they will wrap it all into a tidy white bag to conveniently unfold later.

Despite their connection and shared love for the deli, Andrews and Perdomo still retain their friendly competitions with each other. “My mom makes sandwiches 10 times faster, but mine are prettier,” said Perdomo.

They banter back and forth: “In my opinion, if you’re going to get pastrami, get the real thing,” said Andrews. Perdomo retorts: “But I really like the turkey pastrami though.”

Andrews and Perdomo adore their regulars. “We have some of the most faithful customers,” said Andrews. “I’m usually making their sandwiches before they come in the door.”

Mousie’s also does catering. “A lot of our catering for big orders comes from people that recommend us,” said Andrews. She recalled staying up until 2 a.m. the night before Christmas Eve, making finger sandwiches for company Christmas parties.

“We’ve even had doctors ask pharmaceutical reps for a sandwich from us before they’d hear them out,” said Andrews.

The resonance with customers speaks for itself.

“When I was out sick, we had customers leaving us messages wishing us well,” said Andrews. “It feels like every corner we turn, someone is saying ‘I’ll have my Thanksgiving on pumpernickel!’”

They’ve even had people yell “Mousie’s!” at them when visiting other states. One father and son from New Hampshire even stop in twice a week.

Andrews feels strongly about keeping the deli open. She explained how she used to go bowling every Tuesday at Meadowbrook Lanes until, one day, she went down and pulled her hamstring. Andrews said that because she did not want to close the store, she duct-taped her leg and kept working anyways.

After 40 years, they don’t plan on closing anytime soon. Perdomo intends on taking over when Andrews retires, and hopes to keep the same traditions alive. They attribute their continued success to all of their regulars and newcomers alike.

“Thank you to all of our loyal customers,” said Andrews. “Hoping for another 40 years.”

Mousie’s Deli is located at 1619 Warwick Ave., in Warwick.


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One of the reasons we located our mortgage company in the Gateway Plaza was to be close to Mousie's.

Best authentic New York deli-style sandwiches! Everything there is huge except the bill. I hope Lori and Mousie's are here for "another forty years."

Richard Corrente


Bankers Mortgage Corporation

Thursday, February 22

Rick, was the other reason because the owner of the plaza paid your back taxes for you?

Thursday, February 22

Hi Scal1024:

You raise a reat question that has gone unanswered by the fake "mayor" since last August.

I'd also like to know why the fake "mayor" paid campaign funds directly to the principal of the management company and not the company itself. Maybe his decision to move his business there is a way to continue paying back Mr. Shackleton without having to report it.

Given the many examples of his ethically questionable behavior, this is quite possible.

Thursday, February 22

My favorite is the Thanksgiving Sandwich; it's too labor-intensive to make at home except on the actual holiday!

Friday, February 23

Dear Scal,

You 're wrong...again.

No one has ever paid my "back taxes" "future taxes" or "present taxes" but me. You can be the first if you like!

I'll even buy you lunch.

We can go to Moussies!

Happy Spring Scal1024.

Happy Spring everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, February 23

We know better than that, Scal2014.

We know that visiting the city's tax assessor database [https://www.citizenselfservice.com/MSSProd/citizens/RealEstate/Default.aspx?mode=new] and entering 177 Grand View shows the following people paid the taxes on the fake "mayor's" residence:

2014 and 2015: Clayton Shackleton [the owner of Gateway Plaza, to whom the fake "mayor" paid office rent in February, 2016]

2016 and 2017: Red Stick Acquisitions of Lousiana

We know that this proves the fake "mayor" did not pay the taxes on his property for four years, because otherwise his name would be on that list.

And we know that he will continue to humiliate himself by denying objective, provable facts in what is sure to be another failed run for office.

Friday, February 23

The fake mayor, MAYOR DUMBNESS CORRENTE, once again openly lies in a public forum stating that no one but him paid his taxes. This lie comes after myself and others have posted the actual payments and dates, and from who, of which this information was acquired in less than 30 seconds directly from the city documents.

Only a mentally challenged individual would knowing lie to intelligent people who have excellent research skills. There is still room at Butler.

Lets not forget the $500.81 in utility bills that he beat us out of.

Friday, February 23

Hello again Thecaptain:

It's pathetic and amazing, at the same time, how little effort it takes to disprove the fake mayor, time and time again, and yet he continues to deny and ignore the facts, bully other commenters, and repeat his false statements.

This is hardly reasonable behavior from someone who is 67 years old, claims to be a successful businessman, and is seeking elected office. I can certainly not claim to be any kind of mental health expert, but at the very least, it is clear that his behavior does not indicate a healthy psychological state.

As I've said before, it's a good thing, in a way, that he continues to behave this way so publicly and so often -- he is voluntarily proving his lack of character, willful ignorance of municipal operations, and misunderstanding of basic law. Not to mention, he is continually showing a complete disregard for local voters by assuming that they are too stupid or lazy to research his claims.

Friday, February 23

I love Mousie's Deli. I wish it were open longer because I am not in Warwick during the work day so if I have a day off I like to run over for lunch. It is a very warm and welcoming place.

Side note: Funny how Corrente signed his real title in the first post but his fake title in the second. How very odd?

Friday, February 23

Hello again Kammy:

Like you, I have not had the opportunity to visit Mousie's in some time; I do hope to get there soon.

As to your other point, it is not unlike the fake "mayor" to switch titles on his comments, apparently depending on his whims.

It's similar to the way that he defended his right to put up political signs that violate the city's signage ordinance in a recent comment -- and in 2016 followed the city's ordinance, even going so far as to check with city officials about whether his signs conformed to the ordinance.

His recent comment is here: http://warwickonline.com/stories/delays-in-trash-pickup-possible,131816?#comments

His 2016 comments are here: http://warwickonline.com/stories/early-signs-of-a-hot-campaign,114754?#comments

Specifically, in his recent comments, he states "I contacted the ACLU" and, according only to the fake "mayor," they said his signs are legal. Yet in 2016, he stated this: "Steven Brown, the executive director for the ACLU is a brilliant man, but in my opinion he is over zealous to help regarding this [signage] issue. If [challenging the city's ordinance] ever went to court, I think, (and I am not an attorney) the ACLU would lose."

Behavior like this -- switching titles on his comments and contradicting his own words when it suits him -- is certainly odd.

Friday, February 23

Crickeee and Kammy,

How can you say such things about Mayor Dumbness after he put together such an eloquent and articulate presentation before the city council on Wednesday?


Scroll to the 45:46 mark to hear his level of inteligence

Friday, February 23

Hey now, Thecaptain, you've given us a wonderful new nickname for the fake "mayor," so your hands are not clean, either [LOL].

Although, I have to say, the video link you provided does somewhat disprove one thing we've seen about the fake "mayor," that he simply can't shut up. Apparently, he can; he goes silent when news outlets ask him direct, factual questions about his potentially illegal campaign activities, and when he decides to waste the city council's time after getting himself on the agenda to speak.

So, the link is very instructive and says a lot about the fake "mayor."

Monday, February 26

Still waiting on warwick fire still nothing yet. So easy to say something. But still nothing yet. Hope your right its about 4weeks now.

Tuesday, February 27