October 14, 2015
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A vote for today and our future

To the Editor:

This year’s general election will be a forum on many of the values and benefits we all enjoy while living in the U.S. Not only will we be asked to consider the stagnated economy, but also there are many other important issues such as gainful employment, affordable health care, energy costs, immigration reform, housing market, homeland security and available funding for our national budget to name just a few.
We will be asked to consider candidates who have proven leadership qualities and excellent executive skills. Complacency is not an option. We all need to go out and vote for the candidates that have convinced us that they have the proven ability to govern wisely and can create a path of financial stability.
Our vote is not only for this generation, but also to ensure that those who will follow us can enjoy all the precious gifts that the U.S. affords all of its citizens … The election results will have a profound effect on not only our living standards, but also our personal values and beliefs. There is much to consider, so take the time to study all the issues.

Bob Sweeney

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