October 10, 2015
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Another Grinch?

To the Editor:

At the past City Council meeting, Councilwoman Vella-Wilkinson put forth a resolution that would give our great veterans a pool pass discount for McDermott Pool.

I thought this was a great idea and so did eight of the nine council members but apparently Roy Dempsey from Ward 1 is against this. Mr. Dempsey referred to the Veterans legislation as "amounting to feel good legislation."

Tim Howe, commander for the local Disabled American Veterans (DAV), immediately responded that as an injured, disabled vet, it takes more than a pool pass discount to make him "feel good." He is in constant pain but appreciated having a member of the City Council who is a veteran looking out for veterans in Warwick.

Dempsey tried to defend his comment by saying it was an unfortunate phrase but this was not the time to be giving tax breaks. Mr. Howe countered that “it was a good thing our veterans don't consider the high costs to them or their families when they volunteer to serve their country.” This is right out of a scene from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas;” only it’s Mr. Dempsey trying to take the last can of Who-hash.

Danny Hall
Warwick Republican Chair

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Vella-Wilkinson just wants her name on something. What's next ..discounts for babies from single parent homes?

Of course ..what else ...then you can claim" I'm against " single parents and babies.Thats a two for! I side with Dempsey.

Vella-Wilkinson does not just want her name on something. She is a very kind hearted woman that is working her hardest to get a little respect for our veterans and it has to start somewhere.

you forgot ...

Signed Vella-Wilkinson's mom.

You must not have military or a veteran in your family for such an uneducated immature comment.

To Riles64. I was in fact steaming when I saw that letter. Hopefully, you will read my response which I have sent to the Beacon.


Roy Dempsey

Please see my response to Mr. Hall, Letter to the Editor, Warwick Beacon, dated Feb 2, 2012.


Roy Dempsey

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