October 24, 2014

Cole Farm Laundromat

Best prices in town ~ and wash/fold/dry service too

Even on a gloomy summer afternoon, Cole Farm Laundromat’s sunny exterior brightens the day – bring your “dirty laundry” here!

What does “clean” smell and feel like? Clean smells “Downey® fresh”, powdery and fragrant, and “feels” as soft and new as cotton. “Clean” is what it smells and feels like when you walk into Cole Farm Laundromat, a sparkling and family-friendly laundromat on West Shore Road.

Cole Farm Laundromat, located a short mile down the road from Hoxsie corners, is a spotless wash/dry/fold and do-it-yourself laundromat that is convenient in every way. It is open seven days a week, has ample off-street parking and rows of washers and dryers. It is also air conditioned and is secured by both cameras and a staff member on site at all times. There are even such amenities as a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi for while you wait. Why would you go anywhere else to tackle your laundry needs?

Rows of highly efficient washers and dryers line the walls of this sunny laundromat. There are also large capacity machines for those bulky comforters. If you are in need of detergent, softeners, drying sheets or bleach, just visit their “Soap Center” for all your supplies. There is even a vending machine stocked with snacks to help stave off your hunger between loads. For those who are prone to losing socks, never fear ~ Cole Farm Laundromat has a repository for those missing stray socks as well! Everything you need is right here.

Cole Farm Laundromat also guarantees the lowest prices in town. Customers ought to be wary of deceptive claims of “free” drying, being cautious that those costs are recouped elsewhere. The dryers here are set at the highest level of efficiency, giving you the most “heat” for your coins. When trying to trim expenses these days, why not save the heating costs in your home and let the washing machines and dryers here get the job done for you at a fraction of the price.

The best feature of all at Cole Farm Laundromat is its wash/dry & fold service. With the meticulous and helpful hands of staff members like Rozilyn and Joy, you can bring your laundry here in the morning, and for the unbeatable price of .85 to .95 cents per pound (with a 12 lb. minimum), can retrieve it washed, dried and neatly folded, in less than 24 hours. Talk about convenient!

As an added bonus, there is even a pick-up and delivery service provided here. For seniors, this service is only $1.00 a pound, for others, it is only $1.25. This is an amazing (and convenient) service for any busy or homebound person.

While most would shun sweaty summer-time clothes, Cole Farm Laundromat actually WANTS your dirty laundry! Come “air it out here” at 437 West Shore Road, open every day from 7am to 9pm. Questions? Call 738-2910.

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