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Joyful Noise
Don Fowler
3 stars
Reviewer's Rating:

(Great gospel music; trite story)

It's another BIG GAME story. This time it's a small town Georgia choir that never makes it past the semi-finals of the Joyful Noise National Competition.

Dolly Parton plays G.G., whose husband (a brief appearance from Kris Kristofferson) dies suddenly, leaving the church choir without a director. The pastor appoints Vi Rose (Queen Latifah) over G.G., and their rivalry intensifies.

This one pulls all the strings. G.G.'s grandson falls in love with Vi Rose's daughter. A black woman falls in love with two Asian men. A black kid and a white kid fight and then find peace. A black autistic boy is helped by a white boy. A husband abandons his family, but is shown the light by teenagers. The pastor wants traditional gospel music, while the younger folks want modern.

The movie gets a bit trite and preachy, but it is saved by the great music, led by Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton, but with many powerful voices. You just know there is going to be a joyful ending to this one. Guess who wins the competition.

Rated PG-13, with some minor profanity.

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