September 4, 2015
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New England Tech announces dean's list
The New England Institute of Technology in Warwick has announced the names of its students who have been added to the dean's list. The following Warwick students earned academic distinction:
Roman C. Allen III, mechanical engineering AS; Gregory J. Blanchette, IT, software engineering BS; Timothy J. Card, advanced automotive tech; Denver M. Chase, electrical technology; Elizabeth J. Clauson, clinical medical assistant; Courtney J. Crone, business management tech BS; David G. Dansereau, architectural building AS; Frank W. Davis Jr., refrig/air cond/htg tech; Matthew R. Demers, advanced automotive tech; Ann-Marie B. DiPrete, interior design BS; Michael A. Dias, electrical technology; Bryan C. Donovan, multimedia and Web design; Thomas A. Gardiner, marine technology; Colin A. Gillespie, multimedia and Web design; Christopher C. Hancock, advanced automotive tech; Michael D. Havican, IT, network engineering AS; Thomas K. Hlavaty, refrig/air cond/htg tech; Matthew D. Joseph, information tech AS; Larry D. Kirchner, IT network engineering AS; William M. Lavery Jr., architectural building AS; Shekima A. Lettsome, business management tech AS; Charles D. Lury, IT, software engineering AS; Edward F. Mathias, mechanical engineering AS; Daniel J. Miller, information technology AS; Nigel S. Nicholas, video radio production tech; Christopher M. Noble, electronics engineering AS; Diana Otero, business management tech AS; Brian S. Palazzo, refrig/air cond/htg tech; Herbert A. Pallas Jr., occupational therapy asst. tech; Ryan D. Palmer, mechanical engineering BS; John C. Parker, electrical technology; Cherienne D. Peterson, architectural building BS; Hunter Pitcher, marine technology; Alicia D. Poole, architectural building AS; Julio G. Pruenca IV, information technology AS; Mark R. Randall, plumbing/heating/gas tech; Yidell Rivera-Perez, MWD, multimedia concentration; Randy R. Robinson, information technology AS; Kyle M. Sloane, video radio production tech; Jessica A. Smith, IT, network engineering BS; Shannon M. Smith, clinical medical assistant; Robert M. Sparrow, information technology AS; Brenda D. Sprauve, IT, network engineering AS; Kisheba N. Sprauve, IT, network engineering AS; David J. Stulak, electronics engineering BS; Chad B. Tower, multimedia and Web design; Bruce R. Turnbull, refrig/air cond/htg tech; John Ventre II, architectural building AS; Jonathan P. Viau, mechanical engineering AS; and Jesse L. Stattler, automotive technology.

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