October 10, 2015
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Patriotic students
RESPECTFUL STUDENTS: Friel told students there are two ways to display flag – full-staff and half-staff. When it is at half-staff, it signifies a nation in mourning. When displayed at half-staff, said Friel, the flag must go all the way to the top and then come down to the proper position.

Friday morning, eighth graders at St. Kevin School got a lesson in flag folding, as well as the proper way to both fly and take down an American flag, as Capt. Ian Friel of the Air National Guard, also a 1996 St. Kevin graduate, visited. The school formerly kept the flag up all the time but recently realized flags should not be up at night unless they are illuminated. As a result, they decided to create “Patriot” teams in order to maintain the integrity of the flag. Each morning, two students raise the flag and take it down in the afternoon. During the lesson, Friel helped Victoria Ferri, 13 (left), and Angelina Olivieri, 13, with the flag folding. As they raised and lowered the flag, he told them to make sure they kept the flag from touching the ground. If a flag hits the ground, he said, it is considered dirty and must be laundered before erecting. Principal Roger Parent, eighth grade homeroom teacher David Irving and Parish Pastor Fr. Robert “Fr. Bob” Marciano attended the event. “This is good for the eighth graders because they are the leaders of the school,” Fr. Marciano said. “We look upon them to take a leadership role.” (Warwick Beacon photos by Jessica A. Botelho)

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