October 10, 2015
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Who’s watching?

Warwick homeowner Madeline Gagnon received a visit from an “extra-terrestrial” recently. On Mother’s Day, Gagnon’s three sons decided to help clean up her lawn and remove a 15-foot tree in her backyard. After reducing the tree to a mere stump, Ronald, one of Gagnon’s sons, decided to flatten out the trunk so a potted plant could be put on top. He cut off a horizontal strip of the tree, leveling off the face of the stump. What happened next startled the family. “We were all surprised at what we saw on the slice of wood he cut off,” said Gagnon. “Sure looks a lot like E.T!” she added. Regardless of the fact that the pattern of the tree rings is simply coincidental, the resemblance truly is uncanny. Gagnon joked that she “had an alien watching over me this Mother’s Day!”

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