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It was Dec. 30, 1992 - the day before New Year's Eve and a day Judy and Ricky Chin will never forget. December 30th, a day that could have changed everything for the Chin's fledgling restaurant but which instead set a standard of cooperation, devotion and love of community that live on today in Jade Dragon Restaurant. Now celebrating its 20th year in business, Jade Dragon literally got off to a "fiery" start all those many years ago…

Judy recalls with emotion the events that transpired that day in 1992. Just short of one year in business, and the night before one of the busiest days in the restaurant industry, a small fire erupted behind a wall in the restaurant. The issue, which stemmed from a frayed wire, created a big problem for the guests eating there that night and a bigger problem for the Chin's. Within minutes, the restaurant was evacuated and the emergency personnel had arrived to extinguish the fire. This was only the beginning. The restaurant could not reopen until it had been cleared by the Building Department and the Fire Department. How, on the morning of busy New Year's Eve, were the Chin's to find the help they needed on such short notice?

This is when the miracles began. Before the Chins knew it, an electrician was found and a carpenter stepped forward. To this day, Judy gets choked up just talking about them - Danny Barlow of B & B Electricians and Billy Talarosee, a local carpenter. They came in and wove their magic, bringing the restaurant back to safety, but a plumber was still needed! As the day wore on and people ended their days early to prepare for the festivities of the night, the Chin's worries were not over. But by some miraculous turn of events, two gentlemen were dining nearby - both of them brothers who happened to be plumbers. The restaurant owner said to them "I can't serve you until you help our neighbors at Jade Dragon" . . . and so they did. For Judy and Ricky, this was the miracle they needed.

The restaurant opened on time that night. The stoves were hot; the drinks were cold and flowing. A customer gave Judy a flower as a gesture of caring which she still remembers to this day. Judy says with tenderness - "I will never forget these men. I thank them from the bottom of my heart, especially Jim Marcello from the Building Department."

And so continues the legacy at Jade Dragon of giving back, of sharing unforgettable food, incomparable hospitality and the feeling of family. Come in today and celebrate Jade Dragon's 20th year in business.

Jade Dragon is located at 1982 Warwick Avenue. Hours are T-TH, and Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm; and Friday and Sat, from 11 am to 11 pm. Delivery is available ($15.00 minimum purchase). To place a take-out order, call 732-9595.


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