Addicted to outrage


To the Editor:

I admit it. I have become addicted to outrage. I didn’t even realize it until I read Glen Beck’s book of the same name. I thought it ironic because Glen Beck had written such a book. because he really started the Tea Party, where my anger started in the first place. It began at Obama’s expansion of government. And no, it had nothing to do with his being black. The R in Republican does not stand for racist, so please stop calling us that, and remember we are the party of Lincoln and many others who strive to help blacks (including Trump.)

Well Glen Beck kind of dropped out as the head of the Tea Party, but I remained upset. I think that’s why Trump became so popular. He also was enraged and didn’t hide it. But now the left has become angry tenfold. We have a country of nasty people who don’t even pretend to listen to the other side. This is not good.

“A house divided cannot stand,” said Abe Lincoln. We are no exception to this rule that has brought down many civilizations. There are many challenges that we are facing. With the rise of technology, unemployment will skyrocket in the near future as robots replace humans. We have artificial intelligence problems with countries, especially China and Russia and nuclear problems in the Middle East and North Korea. While all this is going on, the media speculates about whether our President is a Russian spy. There is no story there, so let’s get over this. You may not like him, but calm down and go to an OA meeting (Outrage Anonymous – I will start one if you want).

We have live babies being killed, and the First and Second Amendments being trampled on, and people are going after others because they are wearing a Make America Great Again hat, really? We need to talk. I might not agree with your opinions but I respect you as a person. We are all Americans. We are one nation under God. So let’s act like it. We want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, so let’s calm down.

We have more in this country today (even the poorest of poor) than the Vanderbilt’s had, so let’s be thankful. Let’s sit down and break bread together again and really talk. And I recommend everyone read that book, and if you still have a problem, contact me to start an OA group.

Peggy Porter



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