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(True survival story)

Hollywood films have entered a new era with stories of strong women. “Adrift” is a shining example.
Shailene Woodley stars as Tami Oldham, a young, free-spirited, surfing, strong woman who survives 41 days at sea in a sailboat battered by a terrific storm. The movie opens with Tami fighting for her life below deck, following a major storm that has left the yacht close to sinking. Climbing on deck, she discovers her partner’s lifeline has been severed. Shift to better times, as we learn how Tami met Richard in Tahiti. The movie shifts back and forth from their falling in love to the final rescue scene that has a twist that will leave you in shock.
Richard (Sam Claflin) and Tami discover they have much in common as their relationship quickly turns into a love affair. Richard is offered a job to sail the yacht from Tahiti to San Diego and convinces Tami to join him. Richard is unable to move, and Tami must take complete control, repairing as much of the ship as she can while navigating a wounded vessel toward Hawaii.
There are numerous flashbacks and major hallucinations along the journey, which includes another storm, a boat that misses her flares, and unlike many fictional “lost at sea” movies, no sharks.
The photography is unbelievable and special recognition should go to the sound people who make you feel that you are on this boat. This is one of the best survival movies we have ever seen. Pay attention at the ending.
Rated PG-13, with minor profanity and some very intense scenes.


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