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** ½

(The Angels strike again)

Fans of the former TV series will probably enjoy the angels and their new recruit beating up on the bad guys. We found the two-hour, nonstop chase movie a bit tedious.

They travel all over the world, trying to stop the bad guys from selling a device that blows up people and things. There's a lot of comedic banter as the lovely ladies bash men's heads in. There's also a new addition (Naomi Scott), the innocent software designer of the product who turns whistleblower when she discovers it can be used for evil.

Patrick Stewart is John Bosley, and Charlie's voice can be heard over the telephone.

There is one twist as someone in the group turns out to be a mole. After much running around, car chases and quick-cut hand-to-hand battles, the angels appear to be ready for their next assignment.

No one in the Friday audience hung around for the scenes during the credits.

Rated PG-13, with some profanity, lots of violence, and a few sexual innuendos.


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