Contempt fueled by the loss of control


To the Editor:

Even a very casual observer to the Washington political scene has to notice that last week’s publication of a letter by an anonymous author to the New York Times marks a new low in the discourse over who is to govern our country.

It would not be surprising to learn that the chief editor of the NYT wrote it himself after President Trump called his paper “Fake News” and so we will probably never learn the identity of this letter. We do know that the NYT is complicit in this smear campaign because of their great hatred of the current President. That same hatred by the radical left can be witnessed on many levels, most recently in the confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanaugh where RI Senator Whitehouse succeeded in embarrassing us all with his obnoxious questions and remarks as he continually removed his glasses as though that would help him see who was before him, and where hundreds were allowed to scream their protests.

So what is the cause of this contempt and hatred for a duly elected chief executive?

The intellectual, political and financial establishment in this country sees their grip on the country slipping out of their hands and into the hands of those who they have lead for the past 50 years with their rising lawlessness, endless and meaningless wars, trade deals that destroyed the manufacturing backbone of this country, rising taxes and an immigration policy that allows alien felons more legal & civil rights than our own citizens, most egregious is the fact that these aliens are allowed identity theft with impunity while our citizens are subject to jail time. In addition, the radical, Democratic left has decided that ICE and our borders are to be abolished! They seethe with jealous hatred towards our President who has captured the hearts of millions with his love of this country and its traditions, and it is no wonder that they are jealous; they have lost their power and must resort to vile sentiments & behavior.

Drain the swamp in Washington, but don’t forget the Rhode Island swamp creatures Whitehouse, Reed, Langevin, Cicilline, Raimondo and the rest of the gantry boys.

Erik R. Thorp



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Isn't it funny how no major editorial board nor any school of journalism professor has come out in angry denouncement of this anonymous, unsource-checked diatribe? Where is the outrage of professional journalists regarding publishing something like this? Amazing silence. Is it possible the president is onto something about the media being corrupt? Surely, this is an affront to good, responsible journalism. No fact checking. No second source. Even Bob Woodward stated he would not have published it because it is unverified and unspecific.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018