Police Log - Train heist



Officers Christopher Gillis and Timothy Kenyon were dispatched to Grandpa’s Train Depot on Warwick Avenue on July 7 around 2:15 p.m. for a report of a shoplifting.

At the scene they met with the owner, who stated that at approximately 2:30 p.m. four young men came into his store and began to browse. The owner approached the group and asked them if they needed any assistance. The males then asked him questions about a new shipment of model trains he had just received.

The owner answered all the questions and returned to his desk behind a shelving unit. From there, the owner could not see the group but could hear them discussing which models they liked. A short time later, one of the men asked to purchase a small model train. He paid cash and then the group left the store and entered a small red sedan that headed south on Warwick Avenue, according to the report.

As the group left, the owner noticed an empty plastic bag under a display table and that the engine the males had questioned him about was no longer where he left it. The missing model train was valued at $499.99. There is no suspect information or leads at this time.


On July 6 around 10:45 a.m., Officer James Vible met with a View Avenue resident at police headquarters to take a vandalism report.

The complainant told the officer that his Life Time brand free standing basketball net assembly, valued at about $200, was firmly in place with its weighted base partially buried in his front yard. When he came outside on July 6 he discovered that the base and support pole had been bent and pushed out of place. The man told the officer he believed that a car may have struck the assembly sometime overnight and then drove away.

The victim didn’t know who may have struck the net but wishes to press charges if a suspect is found. The case was forwarded to detectives for review.


On July 3 around 9 a.m., Officer Darren Parrillo responded to the RIPAC Maintenance Division on Knight Street in reference to stolen power tools.

After meeting with the reporting party, the officer was told that sometime during the overnight hours after 9 p.m. it appeared that someone had gained access to the rear of the maintenance building and rummaged through truck storage containers. Access had been gained to the property by someone cutting through a chain link fence. Video surveillance captured some of the incident.

More than two-dozen tools and hardware were taken, with an estimated value of $2,200. The report was then forwarded to department detectives for follow up.


Officer James Vible met with a woman at police headquarters on July 7 around 4:10 p.m. in reference to a stolen wallet.

The reporting party stated that she and a friend had lunch at Panera Bread the previous day from noon until 1:30. She said that she hung her purse on the back of her chair while eating.

A short time after beginning lunch, according to the report, the woman recalled seeing two white males in their early to mid-20s wearing khaki cargo pants enter the store and sit down directly behind her without ordering any food. She thought it odd that moments after sitting down the pair got up and left the restaurant. She later went to retrieve her wallet from the purse to discover it was missing. Contained inside were her driver’s license and assorted credit and debit cards.

The woman then visited her nearby bank and was informed that her debit card had been used at Target to purchase $500 worth of items. She then had her bank account closed and called her other creditors to inform them of the stolen wallet. Again she was told that another credit card had been used at Target to purchase $500 worth of items.

The woman told Officer Vible that she wished to pursue criminal charges and the case was forwarded to detectives for review.


Officers Brian Murray and Darren Parrillo were dispatched to the Universal Boulevard Home Depot for a shoplifting report on July 3 around 11 a.m. One of the suspects, later identified as William Farrell, 46, of 102 Darling Street in Central Falls, was still on scene. Two other suspects had left the scene in a black pickup truck. Officer Murray attempted to locate the truck but was unsuccessful.

At the store, Farrell was taken into custody. A statement from a store manager outlined that a witness was cashing out when he saw two men run out of the store pushing a carriage full of tools, valued at $924.60, with one of the men being Farrell. He chased after them and caught up to them, at which time one of the suspects hit the witness in the face. The witness then hit back. The suspect then ran around the truck and jumped in the back, and as the truck was leaving Farrell fell out. He was then detained until police arrived.

Farrell told officers he was at the store with two of his friends but provided little information about them. He was taken to police headquarters, where Farrell stated he was lightheaded from hitting his head. There was a bump on the side of his head from the fall from the truck. He was later transported by rescue to Kent Hospital.

Farrell was charged with one count of shoplifting. Officers were unable to obtain any more information about the other suspects.


On July 8 at 5:18 p.m., Officer Derek Mourato observed a car traveling east on Centerville Road that had a green inspection sticker that appeared to be false as it was olive green and did not match what an authentic sticker looks like. The vehicle also had a brake light out, according to the report.

A traffic stop was then initiated and contact was made with the driver, identified as Dwayne Amado, 35, of 92 Roosevelt Street in Warwick. There the officer got a closer view of the sticker, which was olive green instead of neon green. He also observed that the lettering and RI emblem were different from the current version.

When asked if the sticker was fake, Amado said that he did not know because his friend had the car inspected for him. He said, “If you think it’s fake, then it’s probably fake, but I didn’t get it.”

Inspection paperwork was then provided, showing a failed inspection report. A background check found that Amado’s license was suspended. He was issued a summons for driving on a suspended license, no insurance and making or using a false inspection sticker. The sticker was removed from the car, and a licensed operator resumed operation of the vehicle.


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