Police Log - Eight doses of Narcan



On Aug. 20 just after midnight, Officer Jeffrey Taranto was dispatched to the Bald Hill Road Taco Bell for a report of an accident in the drive-through line in which the reporting party stated that the other driver was intoxicated.

According to the police report, the at the scene officer observed a man standing outside of his car who stated he was waiting in line when he was rear ended. Both the driver and the passenger of the car that was struck refused rescue assistance, and the officer did not observe any damage to either vehicle.

Officer Taranto then spoke with the driver that struck the first car, identified as John Lavimodiere, 34, of 126 Pontiac Street, second floor in Warwick. Lavimodiere was in the driver’s seat with the engine running and his foot on the brake. He was asked to place the car in park, which he did. Lavimodiere stated that he was coming from his home and was in line to get food. During their conversation, the officer detected the smell of alcohol, and observed signs of intoxication in Lavimodiere.

Lavimodiere consented to a series of field sobriety tests. During the test Lavimodiere asked the officer if he could “just go home” and said that his life was screwed up. Based upon his performance during the tests along with the officer’s observations and training, it was determined that Lavimodiere was unfit to operate a motor vehicle safely. He was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and transported to police headquarters.

At the station Lavimodiere refused to take a chemical breathalyzer test. He was charged with driving under the influence first offense and refusal to submit to a chemical test. He was then held for the next session with the bail commissioner as he was a violator from a previous domestic charge.


Officer Aaron Steere was traveling on Route 95 North on Aug. 20 at 8:11 a.m. and was taking exit 15 onto Jefferson Boulevard when he observed a white Infinity in front of him with Maine transporter plates. In his report, the officer states that he observed the vehicle approach the traffic light at the bottom of the ramp, and then make a right turn without stopping.

The car then proceeded south on Jefferson Boulevard at a speed that the officer determined was greater than the posted speed limit. Officer Steere then attempted to catch the vehicle, however he was unable to obtain a clocked speed of the car.  The vehicle eventually pulled into a parking stop on Chestnut Street, where the officer initiated a traffic stop.

There he made contact with the driver, identified as Habucuc Mislin, 25, of 36 Bergen Street, third floor in Providence. Mislin apologized for speeding and said he was on his way to his children’s mother’s house in Warwick as she needed to leave for work and he had to watch the children.

Mislin advised that he did not have a license and has never obtained one from the state. He provided paperwork that the vehicle had been purchased through a private sale, and indicated that the person he bought the vehicle from gave him the plate for the car but that he had no paperwork for the registration.

A tow was then called for the car, and Mislin was issued a violation for operating a vehicle without a license, improper use of registration, and obedience to a traffic signal. He was given a warning for speeding.


On Aug. 17 at approximately 12:30 p.m., Officer Albert Marano was dispatched to the Beach Café on Oakland Beach Avenue for a report of a soda machine that was broken into.

At the scene the officer met with the reporting party, who stated that the Coke machine in front of the business had been broken into. Video surveillance of the incident showed a male and female suspect who approached the machine just after 2 a.m. The male suspect then appeared to take out a set of keys, and used them to gain access to the machine, where he took out the money and placed it into his pockets. He also handed the woman two sodas. The report was forwarded to detectives, and an investigation is ongoing at this time.


At approximately 11:40 a.m. on Aug. 23, Officer Joseph DeDonato responded to Debbie Court in regards to a larceny from a motor vehicle. At the residence he met with the victim, who stated that at some time during the overnight hours a suspect entered both vehicles that were parked in his driveway, which were unlocked. Approximately $5 in bills and coins were taken from the cars. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.


On Aug. 15 at approximately 5:35 p.m. Officer Walter Larson and Thomas Duncan were dispatched to the intersection of East Avenue and Bald Hill Road for an emergency call. While en route, dispatch relayed that there were two male subjects slumped over in the cab of a red Chevrolet S10 pickup. It was reported that the subjects appeared to be passing out after turning onto East Avenue.

The caller stated that the truck stopped in the middle of the road but then started moving again. At 5:38 p.m. another call came in stating that the vehicle had stopped prior to the entrance of CCRI, and that both driver and passenger were passed out.

Officers then arrived on scene and found the car stalled in the travel lane still in first gear. Officers applied the parking brake and turned the keys into the off position.

Officers observed the driver, identified as Richard Ferruccio, 23, of 597 Greenville Avenue in Johnston, passed out behind the wheel. He was slumped slightly to the right with his body over the armrest and his head in his passenger’s lap. It appeared to the officer’s that both parties had passed out due to opioids. Both men had very slow and labored breathing. They were gurgling, pale, and their lips were turning blue. According to the police account, Ferruccio had blood coming from the area below his right elbow, where a suspected injection site was. In between the passenger’s legs was a plastic spoon with what officers believed was heroin in the middle.

Officers then administered Narcan to Ferruccio and his passenger. Shortly after, two rescue crews arrived on scene. Ferruccio eventually came to after receiving a total of eight doses of Narcan. He was then placed in a rescue.

Officer Larson then approached Ferruccio in the rescue. Ferruccio had vomited all over himself in the rear of the rescue as well as urinated once coming to. He was read his rights and then transported to Kent Hospital. Ferruccio stated that he was attempting to get to the hospital for his passenger friend, who he believed had overdosed. His car was towed from the scene.

At the hospital Ferruccio was again read his rights, made two confidential phone calls and then refused to take a chemical test. He was charged with driving under the influence, refusal to submit to a chemical test, driving on an expired license, no insurance, and stopping on a travel portion of an open highway. He was then released from police custody after he signed all paperwork.


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And after they received the Narcan they:

A) Realized the error of their ways and went on to become productive members of society and pillars of the community!


B) Were found down dead in an alley after doing the exact same thing as before but this time no one was around to save them....

which one would you put your money on?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017