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* * ½

(Intense, but unbelievable action /disaster flick)

Haley, a University of Florida swimmer (Kaya Scodelario), is worried about her divorced dad (Barry Pepper), who is in the eye of a vicious Florida hurricane, rushing to the area when he doesn't answer his phone. The storm rages and the water rises as she searches the house, finding only his barking dog.

If he's not answering her frantic calls (for a while the only word in the script is "Dad"), he must be in the cellar. She searches the cluttered cellar, eventually finding him wounded, with an alligator swimming around him. The stalking game begins in the dark, dank cellar with many narrow escapes and the water rising.

But wait! There are people across the street.  Unfortunately, as they get their attention, they discover they are looters, and alligators don't like looters.

Just when they figure out a way to escape from the cellar and reunite with the dog, the hurricane (and the plot) gains in intensity with water rushing in the house and alligators chasing them.

Will they make it? What about the dog?

The music gets louder. The plot grows thick. Father and daughter bond. Good thing he taught her to never give up (Jimmy Valvano said it first), and also taught her how to hold her breath underwater and out-swim alligators. It's all very silly and unbelievable, but it is exciting and intense and has you jumping a few times.

Rated PG-13 with some very intense scenes and lots of blood in the water.


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