Daughter of murder victim asks for public’s help at vigil


Jack Fay’s family and friends gathered in City Park Saturday evening for a candlelight vigil to honor his life that was ended brutally a year ago.

Pictures of Fay lined the baseball bleachers and his war vet cap lay in the center. The family wore “Justice for Jack Fay” t-shirts and passed out candles to those in attendance as the sun began to set.

Police were in attendance patrolling the park, watching people as they entered and a K-9 unit watched the ceremony from a distance.

There were a little over 50 people at this year’s memorial compared to the almost 200 of last year’s, but what the vigil lacked in numbers it made up in intimacy. The smaller crowd chatted together before the ceremony with children and dogs patiently waiting.

Meaghan Fay thanked everyone for coming out to the vigil, then reminded all that the police still needed help in their investigation to either offer any information they had or encourage others to do the same.

She then introduced her Uncle Eddy to say a prayer for his cousin. Before Eddy shared a tender story of Fay acting more as a brother, having taken the time to drive Eddy around after an injury made driving difficult. Eddy, assuring that Jack was in Heaven, said, “I have a seat waiting for me and I’ll see him up there.”

Meaghan then asked for a minute of silence to remember her father. She then offered a personal story of her father’s “corny dad humor” of inserting her name into popular song lyrics and the difficulty of hearing those songs today. Then everyone sang the chorus of “Amazing Grace” with candles steadfastly held before dispersing for the night.

After the vigil, which lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, Meaghan restated the importance of the public’s assistance in the investigation of her father’s murder. She encouraged anyone with information to come forward even with something as little as someone they know had a drastic change in behavior early last summer, leaving for a trip suddenly or their normal habits were altered around the time of the murder.

Council President Donna Travis attended the vigil and said it’s horrible that no one has been found in connection to the murder. She said, “Everyone deserves closure.”

Meaghan hoped that the vigil would bring the murder back into the news and remind people this is still an open case and a priority for the Warwick Police Department. She understands that the police department is just as frustrated as she is that no one has been charged. Meaghan then mentioned that the police department is still getting some calls in relation to the case.

When asked about the effect on the Buttonwoods community Meaghan said, “Buttonwoods was traumatized 20 years ago with the Craig Price murders and it’s a shame that they have to go through that again now with my father’s murder.” She wants justice and closure for her father herself and all of Buttonwoods

She feels disconnected from the situation and can’t believe it has been a year since the murder without any answers. She said, “In the beginning you keep asking why, but as time goes on the why becomes less important because it won’t change anything now.”

Any information should be given to Sgt. Mark Manning at 468-4236 or the Warwick Police Departments TIPS line at 732-8477 or 468-4233.


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