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(Sequel to “The Shining”)
It’s been a long time since Jack Nicholson put that ax through the door of Room 237 at the Overlook Hotel, so you may want to watch “The Shining” again before seeing this one.
Based on the novel by Stephen King, fans should enjoy the long (2½-hour) sequel that throws a lot at you during the first two-thirds of this creepy movie before our hero, Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor) finds himself back at the strange hotel of his youth.
There’s the woman in the bathtub, the twins, the bartender and, of course, that hole in the door where the ax went through.
But we’re getting way head of ourselves. First we have to deal with Dan as he finds his way to a small New Hampshire town, gets a job, joins AA, and discovers weird things happening to him, including messages on a huge blackboard in his rented room.
Meanwhile, young Abra (Kyleigh Curran) sees disturbing visions. The two eventually come together to fight The True Knot, a cult of very strange people who live in a trailer, kidnap children and drain the breath out of them’ll have to see what ghoulish activity follows.
It all comes down to the violent showdown at the hotel.
The movie was a bit over the top for us, but King fans will probably want to see what happens to Dan after so many years.
Rated a big R with lots of violence, blood and gore.


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