Dog owners giving pets a ‘holiday’ from fireworks of 4th


Burgers and hot dogs on the grill, friends will be all around, and once the sun goes down the fireworks will be going off all night. The 4th of July is a time of celebration, but not everyone will be enjoying the festivities.

Your dog, with a large, loud and boisterous crowd as well as exploding fireworks, may be frightened throughout the weekend.

Police departments log higher calls for strays and barking complaints and shelters are busy taking in more dogs than they would normally, according to

Frightened dogs may run away at the sights and noises that make the 4th of July so much fun for us.

“He’s not a fan [of fireworks],” Stacey Alfaro said of Cooper, an 8-month-old Corgi-Eskimo mix she was dropping off at Bow chika Wow Town for daycare yesterday. Cooper will be spending July 4 at the institution in a former manufacturing plant on Pavilion Avenue in Warwick.

Cooper will be one of at least 46 dogs spending the night at Bow chika Wow Town, according to Alyssa Wick. She said they were fully “booked” for the fourth and additional “suites” were opened to satisfy customers.

Wick knows what startling noises and fireworks can do to a dog. She said her dog refuses to eat, is confused and fearful after being exposed to the noise.

While boarding is an option, there are other means to keep

your dog safe this weekend, according to the Bo chika Wow Town newsletter and TripsWithPets.

Do not leave your dog outside unattended; rather, leave them inside in a safe and quiet room. Even in a fenced-in yard, a distressed dog may find their way out and get tangled in their chain or leash, injuring themselves.

Do not unleash your dog if you are outside and remember to have extra water to keep your dog hydrated in the hot weather.

If a dog is crate trained, the crate could be the safest place for your pet.

Otherwise a room without windows or with the shades drawn is a safe room for a dog. Having the TV or radio on a normal volume could also soothe your pet by muffling the loud sound of the fireworks with familiar noises.

Remember to remove any damageable or dangerous products from the room in case the dog is frightened. In frenzy, they may knock things over and can be injured.

If you find your dog hiding, do not feel you have to coax them out. If they are in a safe area, let them be.

It is also beneficial to leave your pet with distractions such as a new chew toy or some new treats.

Avoid taking your dog to a fireworks display. Leaving them in the car for the display is also highly dangerous. The hot air can lead to severe health effects. Leaving the windows open in your car will not supply enough fresh air, but it can lead to your pet being stolen.

Some dogs are soothed by driving around in the car and this could allow you to keep your dog safe while you see some fireworks in the distance.

If your dog gets highly stressed by fireworks, contact their veterinarian for methods to ease their fear before the 4th.

Also, remember to have identification tags on your pet to ensure that if they do escape, you can be promptly alerted of their location when they are found.

If you find a dog running around without supervision from an owner, they should be taken to the local animal shelter.

For the holiday weekend you can also board your dog through various dog day cares. Metropet Dog Center, on 2057 West Shore Rd. had boarding for dogs enrolled in their daycare program for $39 a night. For information or boarding, call 732-3647 or visit their website at

The Barking Lot, 697 Allens Ave. in Providence, does not require previous enrollment in their day care to board over night. It costs $45 a night and includes day care for the entirety of the next day as well. They also board cats for $20 a night. They have a multiple pet discount. There is a 20 percent discount to any boarding pets after your first at full price. Call 781-2275 or visit their website

The Dog House, at 1255 N. Main St. in Providence, has boarding for the weekend at $45 per night. A dog must go through an evaluation before hand, so call earlier in the week before the 4th. For more information, visit their website or call 455-3647.

If your pet is uncomfortable with kennels or cages, Ruff Life, in North Kingstown, has a solution. They offer boarding without any cages and rather prefer a large slumber party style where dogs and an overnight caretaker sleep on fluffy beds with everyone together. They are quickly reaching capacity for the holiday weekend. Dogs must be enrolled in their day care before boarding to ensure that your dog can play in a group setting. Their rate is $50 per night for boarding. You can call their facility at 667-7387 or visit their website at

All dogs must be up to date on their shots and vaccines before boarding.


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