Dove really is a hawk



To the Editor:

During the 2008 campaign, then Senator Barack Hussein Obama lashed out with incensed rhetoric against the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the lack of the due process of law regarding detainees in our Gitmo Military Base in Cuba, and our aggressive posture in the Middle East. Since his ascent to office, he has ramped up the Afghanistan War with a surge of troops, kept Gitmo open and abundantly used Drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These unmanned drones are reckless weapons that cause a great deal of civilian collateral damage and their use has ignited the forces against us and has been a successful recruiting tool for radical Islamists.

For a former candidate who touted himself as one with a unique background that primed him to foster peace with our enemies, Obama's actions have cultivated more enmity and disdain for America than perhaps his immediate predecessor did.

The dove of the 2008 campaign was really a hawk!

Christopher M. Curran
West Warwick


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