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End of Watch


(Profanity-ridden buddy-cop movie)

If you can stand the record-setting use of the F word in one movie and gross violence, there are a few interesting moments in "End of Watch.”

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena are Brian and Mike, the white and Mexican cop-buddies in South L.A. who seem to fit a full season of “Cops” into an hour and 50-minute movie.

We watch most of the action through Brian's hand-held camera and the camera mounted on their police car, which can be a bit irritating at times.

There are a series of vignettes, where the two banter endlessly before encountering domestic disputes, saving children from house fires, breaking up dope rings and uncovering a Mexican cartel in human trafficking, which makes them a target for elimination.

"End of Watch" is not a pleasant movie to watch, and its ending is one big downer. We do get a look at the cops' private lives, as sort of a break from the constant violence and profanity.

Rated a big R, with graphic violence and constant profanity.


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