False narrative of Warwick/Wickford rail service


To the Editor:

There is a big difference between private and public money, although they both allow the user to purchase whatever is required or desired. So although both are used for the same purpose, the basis of both is very different, meaning each is obtained by different means. Generally speaking, private monies are gained through work, invention, skill, inheritance, marriage, gift, good fortune and circumstances and some of which are gained by very unscrupulous means, such as monopolies, gambling, drugs, booze, pornography and other nefarious adventures which discredit the value and worth of the former and are the consequence of our fallen nature. In contrast, public monies have only one source and one method of increasing and that is thru taxation, fees, regulations, licensing etc and almost all of these methods require the enforcement of law, meaning coercion and sometimes confiscation by a government branch with the choice usually being pay or go to jail. In most cases, the accumulation of vast sums of money in the public sector is through force and coercion and in contrast, in the private sector gains are made without the element of force; one involuntarily and the other voluntarily and that is why the frivolous use of public money by public officials is so obnoxious and insulting to private persons.

For example, deep state RIDOT director Peter Alviti recently admitted in the Beacon that the MBTA trains to Warwick & Wickford “requires a subsidy of approximately $7 million. Frankly, we could buy every one of the riders a new Porsche every three years with those subsidies.” He makes no admission that this subsidy is going to be terminated, but rather suggests that it will continue for years in hope that the growth of the Warwick City Centre will cause increased viability for this route. This whole project has been a colossal sinkhole, from the construction of the tracks, the 100-yard landing at the Wickford station, the parking garage there that remains a testimony to government waste requiring cleaning, maintenance and personnel. There are more cars in the Wal-Mart paved lot at any hour than are or will be in that garage and it should be demolished as it can’t be converted and it’s only possible use is as a speed ramp for the X games.

No effort has ever been made to find out who was responsible for and who benefited from this boondoggle. It has been said that the footings were designed to carry twice the load due to projected construction of additional floors. Only in the public sector could such a project be undertaken and it had to be the consequence of a very vivid imagination and payoffs to corrupt officials. It is disgusting that persons like Mr. Alviti continue this false narrative because he is telling us that he, under the direction of his nanny governor, will do as they like with our money and “what, pal, are you going to do about it!”

Erik Thorp



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