Footing the bill


To the Editor:
In last Thursday’s edition, we were treated with a letter by Councilman McAllister wherein he explained why he lives in Warwick: “flags on his lawn, parades, arts & crafts festival and block party, fireworks, summer concerts, food truck nights, movies in the park, charity runs…and a myriad of other events.” It is surprising that he didn’t mention the joy of watching bumble bees going from flower to flower, nor the joy of sucking on a lollipop, but we can be sure he is happy and busy doing the like on these warm, summer days as he looks forward to “seeing people out and about at all the fun events planned for the summer.”
It is not coincidental that his letter was printed on the same day as was received the 2019 Warwick Tax Bill; it was timed perfectly to insult our intelligence and to show his contempt for the poor peasants who foot the bill for his buddies in City Hall. My bill increased a whopping 22 percent from the previous year for which Councilman McAllister is responsible and which is also a very good reason to leave Warwick.
It is time to say goodbye to Mr. McAllister and drain the swamp in City Hall.

Erik Thorp


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