Four Legs to Stand On, an original play by Ana Bess Moyer Bell

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Written by Ana Bess Moyer Bell, Four Legs to Stand On is an original play created from the stories of a community ravaged by the opioid epidemic.

Brought to our community by C.O.A.A.S.T., the US Attorneys Office, and Rocky Hill School.

The Story:

Four Legs To Stand On is a modern American story.* All is not well on the home front. Sam freshly home from his first year at college finds himself and his family in new, strange territory. Two illnesses are eating away at his family’s foundation. Only cancer is allowed a voice at the dinner table. Substance abuse and addiction are the other maladies. This story exposes the secrecy that shrouds the topic of addiction. Opening up to this problem and highlighting the importance of support and family are the goal and the hope. Through humor and realism contrasted against hypocrisy, this story invites the audience to take a seat at the table. We all need to acknowledge our American struggle with addiction. It is as close as friends and family.

The Event:

Please join us for the 35-minute play, followed by a short Q&A talkback, confronts the audience with questions rather than answers like "Is addiction a disease or a moral weakness?" With reflections on how we as a community can shift the social underpinnings that stigmatize those who suffer. The hope is the community will come to the aid of those suffering from addiction with understanding, compassion, and support. The play challenges the audience and the community to change the status quo - and to reach out to those addicted as well as their friends and family.

How You Can Help:

Through our public performance, you have the opportunity to champion the work of Ana Bess Moyer Bell ‘06 to impact the lives of those struggling with addiction and mental health stigma. Please join us in this mission. 100% of our contributions this evening will go to the non-profit, C.O.A.A.S.T., and the work they do to advocate on behalf of families and victims of the opioid crisis.

*This performance is recommended for audiences ages 14 and above.


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