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* * ½

(Sci-fi thriller)

Will Smith stars as Henry Brogen, a sharp-shooting assassin with 72 kills to his credit. His last kill leaves some doubts in his mind, as he looks to retire and go fishing. The problem is that his last kill has caused a number of complications, and it takes a complicated, unrealistic plot to follow this one through to the end.

Someone wants him killed. But why? Those people know his every move. But how?

A younger, faster assassin is sent to kill him. But who is this guy, who incidentally looks exactly like a younger version of him?

Brogen teams up with a younger FBI agent as they flee from whoever the bad guys are, resulting in many chase scenes. The motorcycle chases are exciting and innovative, but the rest look familiar as they try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers.

There are some interesting scenes in Hungary and Belgium, but not enough to make the muddled plot, with all its twists and coincidences, work.

Smith is good as both the assassin and his clone. I'm not giving anything away if you have seen the trailers or Smith on talk shows talking up the movie. If you enjoy chase movies with a futuristic slant, you can do worse.

Rated PG-13, with lots of violence.


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