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(Tense thriller)

If you like tense thrillers and want to escape for an hour and a half, "Gone" has enough going for it to hold your interest.

Amanda Seyfried, that actress with the big, bulging eyes, plays Jill, a troubled young waitress who claims to have been abducted by a serial killer and escaped to tell about it. The trouble is that nobody believes her. Not the police, and not her psychiatrist.

She spends some time in a mental institution and is released to live with her sister. When her sister disappears, she is convinced that it is the serial killer who abducted her. Still, nobody believes her, so she goes on an episodic journey to find her sister before she is killed.

There are a number of red herrings thrown at you along the way.

Is she imagining it? Is it her sister's boyfriend? What about her weird neighbor? And then there's that plumber. Even one of the cops looks suspicious.

Seyfried gives a convincing performance, and the tension builds as she makes up incredible lies to gain information and track down her sister. Like too many movies of this genre, it ends in a violent showdown. Someone could have written a better ending.

Rated R, with profanity and violence.


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