GPS link with 911 could save time, lives


Open Letter to State Representatives:

The press – print, radio and television – has been exhaustively covering the 911 system debacle. This is an issue that all elected officials can work on together. A state-of-the-art 911 system is a totally nonpolitical problem. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Progressive or Independent, it affects all of your constituents.

I am asking you to add your name as a co-sponsor or publicly support House Bill 2018 – H 7290 and House Bill 2018 – H 7313, both relating to the State 911 system. Additionally, I ask that the fire and police dispatch centers throughout the state are included in any upgrades. All are part of the 911 system.

When I first looked into the problem, after hearing Representative Lancia on the radio, I decided to look into it from the perspective of my fire district. I was very disturbed when I found that the 911 system receives over 70 percent of its calls from mobile phones, yet doesn’t have GPS capabilities. There are multiple delays in processing each call, which causes three- to four-minute delays and more before a first responder can even roll out the door. A current state-of-the-art system can reduce response time to 30 seconds or less. Call center operators can also be trained in triage techniques to start the rescue process with short and simple instructions given to the caller. This will save lives.

I am willing to serve on any “Action” Commission that is organized. I believe that I am well qualified due to my position as a nurse practitioner, former emergency department staff member, and chairman of my fire district. Please discard partisan politics and work together to protect the public’s safety. Maybe it will be the beginning of working together on many other issues.

Frank Palin RN, ANP


Coventry Fire District


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I agree. And have to say that as a voter and taxpayer (and phone bill payer) I am deeply saddened that of all the shenanigans in the GA, they not only took (stole?) the extra funds from 911, but WENT EVEN MORE and took operational funds leaving it under manned and people who call 911 on hold! THEN they also, even though the millions were there from every phone bill payer ONLY for 911, took money that could have modernized the system with GPS. Disgusting. I like your carrot letter, but these people in the GA deserve, in my opinion on this one, nothing but a stick. Disgusting.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018