I fall to sleep on a bed of nails

Having dreams of pure white snow

I wake up in a cardboard box

If I died no one would know People see what applies to them

And ignore all that’s not appealing

They talk of me as if I were not there

Don’t they know I still have feelings I lost my job not my soul

Why don’t people get it

I’m still a man that lives and breathes

I ask please don’t forget it As I walk upon the city streets I might as well be dead

People see me as I ask for help

Yet they smirk and turn their heads What did I do to wind up here

No one deserves this fate

I hope God sees me differently

When I reach the pearly gates But don’t worry I’ll speak kindly

When I’m asked of your behavior

Cause what I think of you won’t matter

When you have to face your Savior

Douglas James



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