Jade Dragon Restaurant Where loyal fans meet, greet and eat


There are loyal customers, and then there are SUPER loyal customers. Meet Jeff Croteau, a SUPER loyal customer and longtime fan of Warwick’s very own Jade Dragon Restaurant. Jeff Croteau was born in Warwick and has lived here most of his life ~ that is until five years ago when a job offer lured him away to Florida. Whether it was the cool New England breezes or just a longing for home that recently brought him back, Jeff’s fondness for Jade Dragon’s delicious, authentic Chinese food may very well have been the final tug at his heart.

Coming in from Providence, one of Jeff’s first stops upon his return was . . . . you guessed it, Jade Dragon. Warmly welcomed by owner Judi Chin, Jeff and some close friends headed straight to this cozy spot for his favorite Boneless Spare Ribs (although these are a close tie with another favorite, Lo Mein – made with “the right flat noodles, not spaghetti noodles!”) There is truly no place like home, especially if that home serves up the best Chinese food north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

What is it about Jade Dragon that instills such loyalty in its customers? It is a special combination of the Chin’s gracious hospitality along with their consistently satisfying food that makes the difference. Loyal fans come here from across the street and from across the state. Jade Dragon neighbor, Andy, has been coming here since he was 13 ~ nineteen years later, he still returns often for a drink at the bar and his favorite meal, the classic hot Chicken Sandwich. To Andy, this place is simply “Judi’s”, and the word for those nights when the cupboards are bare is, “lets get some ‘Judi’s’”. It’s just that simple ~ “Judi” is synonymous with good food.

Chef Ricki Chin’s food is prepared every day with attention to freshness and flavor. The list of dinner options are endless and varied, to say nothing of the broad selection of more “American” dishes. The portion sizes are large and the full-service bar has just the right specialty drink waiting just for you. Perfect for nights when your carpool demands have you running late, this food is always hearty, filling and fresh.

How far would you travel for your favorite Chinese food? Across town or across the country – either way, it is worth it for one platter of food at Jade Dragon’s. Just ask Jeff and Andy.

Jade Dragon Restaurant is located at 1982 Warwick Avenue in Warwick. Hours are Tuesday to Thursday, and Sunday from 11 am to 10 pm; and Friday and Sat, from 11 am to 11 pm. Delivery is available ($15.00 minimum purchase). To place a take-out order, call 732-9595. Visit their website at www.jadedragonri.com.


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