Job well done by Fire Department


To the editor:

My name is Henry J. Peter and I am the General Foreman for the Cranston Highway Division. While on duty the morning of Tuesday May 6, 2014, I made several attempts at calling Mom who is 90 years old, and lives at 42 Bailey St. in Cranston. I drove to her home where I found her leaning over her chair and I felt something wasn’t right. After talking with her a few minutes, I noticed her mouth starting to sag on one side, her eyes were closed, her speech started to slur and she couldn’t move anything on her left side. I noticed the signs of a stroke in progress.

Around 8:30 a.m., I called 911 and was forwarded to a man named “Rick” who quickly dispatched an Engine and a Rescue. As they came in the front door, the quick response and professionalism I witnessed is a credit to you and your department. She was having a stroke and I found out later at the Hospital, time was of the essence. Without this quick response, and transport time, I don’t know what would have happened to her or where she would be today.

After evaluation at Rhode Island Hospital, critical care, after locating a blood clot in her brain, she had emergency surgery to remove the blood clot in her brain. After 2 1/2 hours, the operation was a success and the doctors said that the timing of all the events that took place was what made the difference and the very next day, she looked like a different person since all the signs of Stroke were gone. She has made a 90 percent recovery so far and may go back home soon.

I just want to thank the crews of the Engine Company and Rescue that helped save mom’s life that terrible morning. I didn’t take down the number of either truck, but I hope Fire Chief William McKenna can find out who there were and thank them from the bottom of my family’s hearts.

The actions of these men that morning, I’m sure truly exemplify the traditions of the Fire Service, the Cranston Fire Department’s crews, officers, command staff and of course the chief.

Well done!

Henry J. Peter



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