Keeping students safe


To the Editor:

This letter concerns Oakland Beach Elementary School and in particular Dec. 14, 2012. On this day in Connecticut, tragically 27 people were killed for no reason.

As soon as I found out what happened in CT, I called my wife and then a decision was made to pick up our children.

When my wife got to the school; there was a sign on the main entrance that said, “The school is in lockdown, please knock.” When my wife knocked on the door, Mr. Gannon (principal) opened it for her. I must say I am very impressed with what he did; he was standing guard at that door to make sure those children were safe. He was not letting anyone into that school that did not belong there. Mr. Gannon is an excellent principal, I have had a few interactions with him and he has always made time for me. There was never a time when I felt rushed.

I am not sure what the answer is and how another senseless tragedy can be prevented, what I do know is that Mr. Gannon was on his “A” game that day and for that I commend him. Maybe metal detectors need to be installed in every school, maybe a police officer in each school; and maybe stricter gun control. I know the last thought will spark a big debate; I agree that people should be able to bear arms. I have in the past, but something needs to be done. We don’t need another 20 children dead because of some deranged individual with a weapon. Again, I don’t have the answers; these are my suggestions.

Again, I want to thank Mr. Gannon for standing guard at that door and protecting all of those students on that horrific day.

Michael Forte


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