League of Women Voters to roast John Hazen White


“The Man of the Year award goes to a special person who has done so much for the community and promotes good government,” Helen Taylor, president of the League of Women Voters of West Bay, Rhode Island, said yesterday.

This year the League of Women Voters is awarding John Hazen White Jr. the recognition. He will be the first man to win the award. To celebrate, the League is holding a dinner and roast of White.

A roast is an event in which an individual is subjected to praise, stories and playful jokes of themselves from people they know.

The dinner will be held this Friday at the Providence Biltmore Hotel’s ballroom at 7 p.m. In attendance will be White’s friends and family, along with candidates for offices and other upstanding politicians throughout the state.

“He deserves the award. He is such a good man; he donates somewhere near $300,000 every year to non-profits. With the roast we are trying to have a fun and happy event to celebrate John Hazen White,” Taylor said.

Jim Hummel will be the Master of Ceremonies for the night, and a photographer as well as videographer will be recording the event.

The roasters will be Todd Facey, senior vice president of Taco Inc.; Arleen Violet, the former Attorney General; Aram G. Garabedian, president of Bliss Properties and co-managing partner of the Warwick Mall; Daniel York from WPRO; and Matt Light, the former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots. There will also be a surprise roaster for the event.


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