Legal Notice






May 19, 2014 MAYOR

Be it ordained by the City of Warwick:

Section I. The Zoning Map and the Record Book of Lot Classifications which are a part of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Warwick are hereby amended by changing the classification of the following described premises from Residential A-7 and General Business to General Business with modifications from some of the general provisions of the zoning ordinance.

Lots 286, 287 and 442 on Assessor’s Plat 310 as said plat appeared in the Tax Assessor’s office on December 31, 2013 is hereby changed from Residential A-7 and General Business to General Business with modifications from some of the general provisions of the zoning ordinance.

The Lot is set forth in the legal description and on the map attached hereto as Exhibit A.

Subject to the following conditions and stipulations:

1) That relief is granted for less than the required 25 parking spaces in that 23 spaces are allowed;

2) That prior to Final Approval by the Planning Board, the Applicant shall merge Assessor’s Plat 310; Assessor’s Lots 286, 287, 442 and record a subdivision as per the City of Warwick’s Development Review Regulations;

3) That all exterior lighting and signage shall be designed to minimize negative impacts on neighboring properties. Glare from outdoor lights and signs and from the movement of vehicles on site shall be shielded from the view of adjacent residential properties;

4) That the Applicant shall install signage on the site at the Lincoln Avenue and Maryland Avenue egress points to discourage cut through traffic in the neighborhoods;

5) That the Applicant shall provide substantial landscape screening to the north, south and west of the parcel as a buffer to the abutting residential uses. In addition, a wall or fence (six foot minimum height) of solid appearance shall be provided along the easterly property line for screening for the abutting residential zone. A landscape plan shall be prepared by a Rhode Island Registered Landscape Architect and approved by the Warwick Landscape Project Coordinator;

6) That all future uses on the parcel shall maintain a sixty foot landscape buffer (60') from the abutting residential zone. No structures or appurtenances shall be constructed within the required buffer;

7) That Warwick Zoning Ordinance Use Code 420. Carwash is prohibited as part of this project;

8) That there shall be no convenience store deliveries between the hours of 11pm and 5am. All standard deliveries shall be delivered by straight truck (standard box) or smaller. This restriction does not include fuel deliveries. There shall be no overnight parking of trucks/trailers on the site; and

9) That a special use permit for the gasoline station under Use Code 421 is not required.

Section II. The Clerk of the Zoning Board of Review is hereby authorized and directed to cause said changes to be made on the Zoning Map and the Record Book of Lot Classifications.

Section III. This Ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as prescribed by law.






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