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‘Experts equipped to WHIP THAT DRIP’


The call came in the late afternoon. It was a call of exasperation and distress from a customer with a faucet that had been dripping relentlessly for weeks on end, and the homeowner was at her wits end. She needed a plumber whom she could trust, and she needed that plumber ASAP. Enter Mike Manning of Manning Plumbing. Manning, a highly skilled Master Plumber, has been taking on plumbing challenges since he was in high school. After years of tutelage under the mentorship of a talented uncle and after several years of union experience, he became a licensed Master Plumber and opened his own business, Manning Plumbing. Manning was there to answer this call, and he is committed to being the best plumber to answer your call. He is equipped, efficient and ready to respond with his timely, affordable and expert workmanship. Leaky faucet - you have met your match.

Manning Plumbing offers a wide range of plumbing services, including the installation, maintenance and repairs of appliances such as hot water heaters (check out their surprising cost- cutting offer in the business section), washing machines, dishwashers, garbage disposals, refrigerators, and water filtration systems. Your plumber's duties also include installing, repairing and maintaining pipes, fixtures and other plumbing equipment, as well as opening walls and floors to accommodate these pipes and pipe fittings. Manning knows better than anyone how destructive and costly water damage in those unseen places can be and urges his homeowners no to postpone getting help when you need it. It's as easy as dialing 286-9585.

Manning will also help you decide which sump pump system is best suited for your property and will install it just in time for the wet days of spring. In addition to kitchen appliances, he installs all bathroom fixtures (toilets, sinks, vanities, showers, bathtubs). One of the most common areas of a home involves appliances in your basement. As Manning investigates those problem areas, he is on the look out for signs of damage, corrosion or age so as to forewarn you before a minor problem becomes a big, expensive one. You name the plumbing problem, he is on it!

As the weather warms and activities force us out into the sunshine, Manning recommends considering adding a "Deduct meter" to your home. This water meter deducts water used outside from your city sewer bill and may be a worthwhile cost saving measure, especially for pool owners.

Michael Manning can be reached during regular business hours, Mon-Friday at 286-9585. He is available after hours and on weekends for emergencies only.


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