Mayor Solomon proposes initiatives to increase government efficiencies, transparency


In a press release issued Wednesday, Mayor Joseph J. Solomon announced he is exploring a series of initiatives that will “help to further improve the efficiency and transparency of government operations.”

“As public servants, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that city funds are being spent wisely,” Solomon said. “It’s equally important that government works effectively for our taxpayers and makes it as convenient as possible for them to do business with municipal departments and to have their concerns addressed in a timely fashion.”

The mayor proposes to implement a multi-faceted system, with an informational mobile phone app, updated webpage and dedicated phone line, similar to those in use in other communities, which would provide around-the-clock access to city departments for residents wanting to report an issue. Issues would be broken down into a variety of categories, including, but not limited to, pothole concerns, property maintenance issues, signage and street lights, garbage pickup, animal/rodent control, permitting processes, graffiti and building issues, and concerns relative to the business community.

“By providing these additional resources, residents can be assured that their concerns are reaching the appropriate departments quickly and that our employees will be better able to address and respond to them in a more timely fashion,” Solomon said.

Solomon is also exploring ways that the review and approval process can be expedited for building projects, and residential and commercial development. “We know that time is money, and streamlining our internal processes will further economic development in the City and assure developers and property owners that their projects will not delayed by municipal departments’ review,” he said.

The city’s Geographical Information System (GIS), available online, has proven to be a very useful tool for residents, the business community, realtors and others looking for information about the city. Solomon said that, in response to residents’ inquiries to his office, data relative to the location of existing sewer lines and infrastructure, as well as future planned sewer infrastructure projects, has been added to GIS. Additional information, such as whether a property is serviced by Warwick Water or the Kent County Water Department, will also be added to the city’s GIS.

These initiatives, the release reads, will add to the “good government” foundation that Solomon has built throughout his long tenure on the Warwick City Council. In this capacity, he helped to implement live-streaming of City Council meetings, added a public comment period during regular Council meetings, required that any purchase over $2,500 be approved by the City Council, and required competitive bidding for the city’s health care services, the latter of which has saved some $20 million to date.

“Making government transparent and accessible to our citizens gives them the opportunity to express their views to those they elected to represent them and lets them see exactly how their taxes are being spent,” Solomon said. “Improving the efficiency of our services is good for our community and allows residents and the business community alike the opportunity to express their concerns and share their thoughts about how we can better serve them.”


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Great! Let's look at this one year from now and see if it was accomplished as described.

Friday, October 5, 2018

As far as adding a lot of technology in order to make it easier to reach "the appropriate departments quickly" I would suggest that 401-738-2000 is a phone number that will work just as well.

As far as streamlining the building permit process, NOW we're talking! I know several builders that will not build in Warwick! The process is 7 or 8 months long to get the same permit that North Carolina issues in 7 or 8 HOURS! And the steps are almost identical. Plans, specs, cost breakdown etc. If acting Mayor Solomon can reduce the processing time, it will go far to improve the desire to build in Warwick, and the more construction, the more real estate tax revenue. If he wants t set up an advisory board to help in this streamlining process, I will volunteer. Joe, or a member of his staff may reach me at 401-338-9900.

Happy Autumn everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, October 5, 2018

Couple things:

Corrente is NOT the mayor of anyone except his own mind-demons, (having been slaughtered in the election)

They will NOT be calling him, after he crap-talked Joe Solomon in his pathetic attempt to get anywhere in the election.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Exactly right, WwkVoter. Why would Solomon want anything to do with the twice-rejected candidate?

All the two-time reject knows how to do is lie, contradict his own words, and use this site in a pathetic attempt to make something of his wasted time and money running for office.

Joe Solomon owes the two-time reject nothing, and certainly not any position that would have any impact whatsoever on local businesses.

Mayor Solomon is smart enough that he will follow the lead of 9,000+ honest, taxpaying voters in keeping the election loser far away from city hall.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Dear WwkVoter,

I call myself "The Taxpayers Mayor" because I am totally dedicated to the Warwick Taxpayer. If that bothers you in any way, shape, or form...GOOD!

Also, I didn't "crap-talk" Joe Solomon or anyone else. I pointed out facts, both good and bad, about acting Mayor Solomon, that can't be disputed. If that bothers you, I don't give a damn. Solomon is NOT paying his fair share of real estate taxes. There is not another piece of real estate in Warwick that is assessed for LESS than the sales price of "29 YEARS AGO!" He should pay his fair share. If that fact doesn't bother you, it should. It should bother you A LOT! If Solomon wants to streamline the building permit process, I will applaud it. (and him). And he should. Warwick is horrible to get building permits from. I have builders, (I will give the names and phone numbers to Joe's staff) that absolutely REFUSE to build in Warwick for that very reason. And if Joe doesn't want to call me, that is his decision to make, not yours. Got that?

You anonymous coward of a critic.

Happy Autumn everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

WwkVoter, now that the two-time election loser has again humiliated himself through his lack of restraint, we can honestly, factually, and objectively review his delusional statements.

"I call myself [by a fake title] because I am totally dedicated to the Warwick Taxpayer."

We know this is a lie. The only thing the two-time loser has been "dedicated to" is pushing conspiracy theories and outright lies in his two humiliating losses at the polls.

"I pointed out facts, both good and bad, about acting Mayor Solomon, that can't be disputed."

We know this is a lie. In fact, after he first posted his claims about Mayor Solomon's tax assessments, information was provided that completely disproved it. The two-time loser is simply ignoring the facts again.

"Solomon is NOT paying his fair share of real estate taxes. "

We know that the two-time election reject lost his prior residence to tax sale for failure to pay his real estate taxes. He is thus the last person who should be accusing anyone of not paying their fair share.

"I don't give a damn."

We know this is a lie, because of how often he has willingly repeated these falsehoods on this website.

"You anonymous coward of a critic."

We know the two-time loser does not own or manage this website, and thus has no right to demand how others use it. And because he has no facts to support his claims, he somehow believes that insulting other commenters will prove them correct.

He is wrong.

All his juvenile insults prove is that we and thousands of our honest, taxpaying voters were absolutely correct in rejecting his candidacy again on Sept. 12, and that Mayor Solomon is right to stay as far away from the two-time loser as possible.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Case Number: 3CA-2015-07374

Filed in 3rd Division District Court Submitted: 9/15/2015 1:46:39 PM

Envelope: 331725

Reviewer: Nancy Faella



303 Jefferson Boulevard Telephone: (401) 921-4800

Warwick, RI 02888 Fax: (401) 921-4805

July 28, 2015

Richard Corrente

177 Grand View Avenue

Unit A

Warwick, RI 02886

RE: Notice Termination of Tenancy under R.I.G.L. 34-18-37

Dear Mr. Corrente:

Please be advised that this office represents the interest of Red Stick Acquisitions, LLC, the landlord/owner of the property located at 177 Grand View Avenue, Warwick, RI. You are hereby directed to vacate and remove your property and personal possessions from the premises located at 177 Grand View Avenue, Warwick, RI and deliver control of the premises to the landlord/ovmer Red Stick Acquisitions, LLC, on The first day after the end of your current rental period, namely September 1, 2015.

This notice is given for the purpose oftenninating your tenancy. You must continue to pay rent as it becomes due until the date indicated above. If you fail to pay that rent, an eviction action for nonpayment of rent may be instituted against you.

If you fail to vacate the premises by the date specified, an eviction action may be instituted against you in the Kent County District Court without further notice. If you believe you have a defense to this termination, you will be able to raise that defense at the court hearing.

Red Stick Acquisitions, LLC


I hereby certify I mailed a copy of this notice to Richard Corrente 177 Grand View Avenue, Unit A, Warwick, RI 02886 postage pre-paid, regular mail on this 28th day of July, 2015.

Anthony J. DiBiase, JR .

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Thanks for sharing that factual information about the two-time election loser, Thecaptain.

It certainly proves that he failed to pay taxes [and, apparently, the mortgage] on his prior residence, contrary to the many times he has claimed otherwise.

Eviction notices are not provided to people who "win in court" against their mortgage lender, as he has falsely claimed.

And as the city's tax collections website shows, he did not pay the property taxes on that residence since 2014, nor did his mortgage lender -- again, contrary to what he has repeatedly and falsely claimed.

Here is the link again. Entering 177 Grand View in the address field will provide the relevant results:

In fact, as has been proven through further research, the person who paid the property taxes in 2014 and 2015 is the same person from whom the two-time election loser has been renting his campaign office.

He has never addressed or answered for this ethically questionable campaign finance activity, further eroding his standing to call anyone else a coward.

It's rather pathetic -- though in perfect keeping with his willing and repeated behavior on this website -- that he continues to comment as if he's running for office, when in fact he lost in a blowout almost a month ago.

We and our honest, taxpaying neighbors can have a happy autumn knowing that we did the right thing by rejecting his candidacy a second time.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Please read my response to TheCaptain in the article "Making way for trees" here in the Warwick Beacon.

Thank you.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

"Please see my response to Thecaptain's comments..."

Frequent readers already know, without reading them, what the two-time election loser's comments will be with regard to the factual, proven information that TheCaptain provided: Outright denial, name-calling, and more false statements.

And guess what: That's exactly what he wrote.

"I sued my lender in Federal Court... and I won."

False. As Thecaptain showed, the two-time election loser was subject to an eviction from his former residence. Those are not imposed in winning court cases.

"They paid the taxes that came out in my name."

False. Three other parties -- none of them the two-time loser or his mortgage lender -- paid the taxes on the property since 2014.

Here's the city tax collection website that proves this:

Enter 177 Grand View to see the details.

"They were faithfully paid BY MY LENDER, AND they paid them late so Warwick received even MORE tax revenue."

False. Interest and late fees are not "more tax revenue," they are penalties.

"[T]o bring this up AFTER the by far, the most inhuman thing I have ever experienced."

The two-time election loser continues to use this website to spread falsehoods; it is well within anyone else's rights under its terms of use to present factual information to dispute his claims.

"When you see this sociopath..."

As predicted, the two-time election loser engages in name-calling when none of his other statements can be supported with fact.

The two-time election reject also continues to use a make-believe title that he neither earned by winning an election or deserves because of his behavior.

Readers should follow the advice that the two-time loser intends for Thecaptain:

"[A]void him like the plague that he is."

Wednesday, October 10, 2018