McCrudden’s Radiator Repair: To avoid major engine problems, keep your radiator well maintained


A vehicle's radiator is essential to the optimal functioning of your car. When a car is driven, the engine actually generates enough heat to destroy itself. Because of this, your car is equipped with a cooling system that is designed to protect against damage and to keep the engine within the correct operating temperature range. This system is the radiator and it is designed to protect an engine from the destructive forces of too much heat. If your radiator is corroded, blocked or in poor condition, you risk overheating your vehicle and blowing your engine.

If you have a vehicle that is five years and older, it is a prime candidate for radiator troubles, troubles that could strike when least expected. An aging vehicle has been exposed over time to environmental factors that can harm a car's cooling system, such as the salt from our New England ocean air, and other chemicals that break down the metal in a radiator core. Don't take chances with your vehicle's radiator, bring it to McCrudden's Radiator Repair on West Shore Road for all your repair and maintenance needs. Owner Kevin McCrudden of McCrudden's Radiator Repair will service your vehicle with expert workmanship, expediency, and integrity.

McCrudden's Radiator Repair, a family business for over 50 years, is a full service repair shop. Along with maintaining and repairing your radiator, services are done on your vehicle's:

• Heaters

• Brakes

• Exhaust systems

• C.V. Axles

• Struts

• Tune-ups

• Power-steering

McCrudden's ensures the overall health and dependability of your vehicle. As extreme weather conditions - heat or cold - take a toll on your car or truck, bring your vehicle in for a thorough maintenance check, including the repair of troublesome leaks, cracked, corroded or rusted radiator hoses or heater hoses. Kevin McCrudden will take care of it all.

McCrudden's Radiator Repair also performs general maintenance and repair services on your marine vessel as well, checking exhaust systems, fixing leaking gas tanks and fuel pumps, and repairing the heat exchange on your watercraft.

Call today for an appointment today at 738-2550 or visit the experts at McCrudden's Radiator Repair shop on 835 West Shore Road in the Conimicut section of Warwick. Hours are 9 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, and 8 am to noon on Saturday.


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