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(Story of historic WWII battle)
This one starts with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and moves on to the battle of Midway. For two hours and 20 minutes we watch the recreation of the battles that took place between the United States and the Imperial Japanese Navy. The vintage planes and ships are the real stars of this dragged out drama, interspersed with vignettes of the actual men who led and fought the battles.
A number of actors play the roles of men like Nimitz, Halsey, Doolittle and others, and the sequence of events is moved along by titles explaining the times and places of the battles.
The message here is that Washington doesn’t always get it right. It takes a message code breaker to convince those on the front lines where the Japanese will strike, saving the Navy from losing the battle. Unfortunately, many men and airplanes were lost.
While not particularly sympathetic to the Japanese, the movie does show the war from their perspective during the cat-and-mouse maneuvering. While the special effects of the battles are realistic, they go on a bit too long. But stay a bit longer while the actual men who led and fought in the battle of Midway are seen and recognized.
Rated PG-13, with some profanity and the violence and death caused by war.


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