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(Gangster flick
with Tourette twist)
Edward Norton wrote, directed and starred in this old-style B movie about a private investigator with Tourette’s syndrome.
While the movie wanders aimlessly at times, Norton’s portrayal is special, with his sudden outbursts, tics and uncontrollable actions. He realizes and accepts his problems by apologizing for his behavior, which is caused by “broken glass in my brain.”
At times, he covers up his outbursts by pretending to sneeze in his arm.
His boss (Bruce Willis) is murdered and he attempts to find the killer, leading to a long and winding tale of gentrification in the slums of Brooklyn. Alec Baldwin plays the corrupt city official with a secret past who does dirty deals and allows nothing – and nobody – to get in his way.
There’s an interesting love affair, a plea for the less fortunate, and an interesting look at this unusual disease.
Rated R, with profanity and violence.


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