Muffle the hogs, please


To the Editor:

Here on Narragansett Parkway, another sure sign of the seasonal improvement of the weather, along with the emerging early flowers and the greening of the lawns, is the return of the no-muffler Harley Davidsons, tearing up the neighborhood's quietude with untold decibels of roars, booms and backfires – all day and all night. Cool, man, cool? Not to me, friends.

This is an offense against folks whose unheard voices (amidst the aural onslaught of the choppers, hogs, etc.) merely request the right to the quiet enjoyment of their property.

Here's a message for Warwick's mayor, the City Council and the police: Other municipalities within our state have taken this matter seriously and have ordinances against this gross disturbance of the peace. Warnings are posted and presumably enforced. Take guidance from this.

And a message to bikers: Enjoy your machines, but muffle them!

When are we going to get up to speed on this?

Jim Gershman



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I agree. There is no need for the lack of or modification of exhaust systems to seem 'macho'. There is no proof that loud pipes 'save lives'. In fact, one could argue that the sudden noise on the highway causes people to swerve or look around instead of paying attention. It is really selfish and the police must enforce the law. Stay on the police. Call the station and ask for the OIC. Send a letter to the chief. Call your councilman to add pressure.

Thursday, April 4

Mr. Gershmam,

l concur. I'm of a certain age group when cool, man cool was, has cost me some hearing loss. Most motorcycle drivers have no respect for anybody. They've given themselves a bad name. Always the weaving in and out of traffic. Your words are louder than the straight pipes. Just hope they will be heard.

Friday, April 5

Dumb, it saves lives. RI are cry babies.

Friday, April 5
RI Schadenfreude

Modified exhaust systems save lives; however, too many ignorant operators feel the need to open the throttle just to make noise- same applies to "tuners/rice-burners". Noise nuisances can still receive a fine even if the exhaust system is "legal".

For the rest of you riders, stay safe- I'll always leave a car-length between riders and my front bumper.

Monday, April 15

There is no evidence that 'modified' exhausts save lives. None. Nada. Zilch. And they are illegal. Cops do your jobs. Cite these jerks and send them to court.

Tuesday, April 16
Patient Man

Linked below is a well reasoned look at loud pipes. I personally believe loud is better than quiet. I want drivers to hear me. That said, I ride bikes with stock pipes. One sounds like a moped the other is appropriately loud. As the article writer says bikes don't need to shatter windows. Importantly he also says that there simply isn't the research to whether or not loud pipes save lives or not & the people that would do this kind of work have more important issues. The biggest take away from the article is that there is no evidence showing whether or not loud pipes save lives.

So in response to Dave Barry There is no evidence that 'modified' exhausts don't save lives. None. Nada. Zilch.


Wednesday, April 17