New Day


The Pilgrim Senior Center offers many diversified classes. A new class that was offered in October was a creative writing class. The themes for each class varied. One of the topics was to look in a mirror and what do you see, making sure to include the background. The following is an example of this written L.M. Palumbo, entitled, “New Day.”
The long, hot summer night ended when the sound flew in the window with the morning breeze. Reveille. The sound came from the gray ship resting in Narragansett Bay. Briefly, I think of the soldiers wishing they could turn over and enjoy their dreams for a few more seconds.
The moist air leads me out of the house to the water’s edge. Gingerly, I walk on the beach dodging the larger rocks. Looking up, I watch the sleeping yellow globe resting just beyond the horizon. It then wakes as brilliant reds and oranges paints the sky.
I close my eyes enjoying the salted breeze as it washes my face. Standing straight, I gain strength to face the new day as the sun finally emerges and warms me with its early rays. Fortified, I turn to face the new day.


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