Plea for Cowesett Road traffic measures falling on deaf ears


To the Editor:
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pastor Bob. My wife and I have lived at Sparrows Point II for four years. Since we have lived here, I have heard from many people who live here and drive and are senior citizens.
There is the problem driving out of Sparrows Point II. It is a nightmare. Cowesett Road is like a racetrack; if some of the cars had wings they would fly. These people don’t seem to know the speed limit is 25 mph.
What is the problem? This is an old, old problem that has been brought to the attention of the politicians in the city of Warwick and the State many times and nothing ever happens, why?
The problem is driving out of Sparrows Point II onto 777 Cowesett Road without getting hit by another car coming from either direction.
Let me share with you what senior citizens who drive at Sparrows Point II go through on a daily basis.
Driving out of Sparrows Point II you stop, you look down Cowesett Road to your right. The road winds like the letter S, which makes it hard to see if any cars are coming or not, and oncoming cars cannot see you. There are no signs saying slow or driveway ahead. You have heard the expression, you’re taking your life in your hands. Well, this is the place that it happens, driving out of Sparrows Point II onto Cowesett Rd. Now driving out of Sparrows Point II you stop, you look to your left down Cowesett Rd, again you do not have a clear view of the oncoming cars because the road bends and there is a hill and the oncoming cars can not see you either. Again no signs up saying slow, driveway ahead, nothing at all.
Things our politicians need to be looking at.
1. Need signs saying blind driveway ahead at 777 Cowesett Road approaching Sparrows Point II coming from either direction.
2. At the end of Hardig Road and Cowesett Road need to make that a three-way stop.
3. Hardig Road needs to be repaved.
4. Crosswalk in front of Sparrows Pint II needs to be repainted 777 Cowesett Road.
5. Coming out of Sparrows Point II 777 Cowesett Road brush needs to be kept cut so you can see oncoming traffic and people approaching crosswalk the crosswalk that needs to be repainted.
I’m quite sure the politicians have heard these things before around voting time, when they come to see the senior citizens looking for their votes. It seems like what the politicians have heard from the senior citizens have fallen on deaf ears, because nothing is happening.

Bob Ackron


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Patient Man

Cowessett is a great cut through from Rt 2 & Rt 1. Adding a 3 way stop or traffic light won't change that. The placement of the driveway out of Sparrows is difficult for most drivers, not to mention the elderly residents.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Patient Man

Cowessett is a great cut through from Rt 2 & Rt 1. Adding a 3 way stop or traffic light won't change that. The placement of the driveway out of Sparrows is difficult for most drivers, not to mention the elderly residents.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

old folkies should hab der drivers license revoked at 65 and should have to take a bus or an uber

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

I do not find it difficult to get in and out of that area but I do agree that the brush and foliage needs to be maintained. It is hard to see who is coming from the left.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

You never, ever, ever put a stop sign on a straight, main thoroughfare like Cowessett Rd. The entrance to the complex should never have been put where it is. As for speeders, the police have issued tens of thousands of tickets but unless there each day (impossible), there will not be an affect.

Also, ask your city councilman to have a traffic study done. It will show how many accidents in your area as well as fatal accidents if he asks.

Friday, September 27, 2019
Anne Kelly

To "Patient Man" Actually sir, putting a 3 way stop anywhere on Cowesett Rd would indeed slow the traffic...which would be a benefit to all her live or travel on this street as it might dissuade those who do choose it as the raceway choice. It also would at least break the 50+ momentum they have by the time they get to say the Hardig or Dianmond Hill T intersections. Therefore it remains the most popular street that connects RT 1 to RT 2 ,,why ,,because

1) It has NO stop signs, stop lights, flashing lights

2) No consistent monitioring of speed., I have lived on this street, almost 30 years and it is ridiculous , I believe I have seen perhaps no more than 10 police cars looking for speeders over those 30 years!!!!!

2)The average speed on that road is 50 miles an hour (I am taking into account, all cars, trucks, motorcyles during all times of the day and night.) And yet this is in a zone that is marked 25 (the same as Love Lane ..the entire road except 20 near the school area.

The margin of the road from the road line to the curb is negligible. You risk you life getting the mail or your recycle bins. I am amazed there haven't been more accidents. Traffic has increased significantly over these past 10 years in particular The increase has little to do with increase in population but rather the diversion of traffic from other connector roads - RT 117, RT 113, Division St., and the construction and avoidance of the Apponaug rotaries Cars routinely honk at the Post office Truck stopping to deliver to mailboxes and and those jam on their brakes and sit on your back bumper and honk as a resident slows down to get into their driveway. And a car travelling at 50 miles per hour is not happy nabout accomodating a car coming out of their driveway ( head first BTW).

I have been told Cowesett Road t is under the State Hway jurisdiction and little Warwick can do.. but I plan to take my complaints to both city and state. Anyone who chooses to join me please see Petition info on NextDoor)

Sunday, October 27, 2019