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Officer Jared Hardy reported what could only be called a “jack jacking” on Dec. 10 when a Wakefield Avenue man told him he saw a woman jump out of a moving car, grab a floor jack he left next to his driveway and ran down the street with it. The man told Hardy he caught up with the woman and got his jack back and held onto the woman until police came as the small red car she jumped out of went up and down the street in an attempt to pick the woman up. Hardy said he read her rights, took the woman into custody and asked her who was in the red car. She claimed she didn’t really know him other than as “Paul” and gave him no more information about the driver. A search of the area did not turn up the car or “Paul.” Tamara Dean, 18, of 1365 Plainfield St. in Johnston was held for arraignment on a larceny charge.


Officer David Cragin reported he got a little suspicious when a car in front of him accelerated to 43 miles per hour when the driver saw him and then abruptly pulled into the Whole Foods parking lot off Sockanosset Cross Roads on Dec. 8. He said he pulled up behind the car and asked the man for license and registration. The man, Guy Davis, 47, of 204 Nelson St. in Providence, had no license and was arrested for driving without one. The passenger in his car, Domingo Silvia, 56, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a domestic disorderly conduct charge. Davis was later released with a summons while Silvia was later transported to the ACI.


Officer Bretton Robbins reported going to 825 Pontiac Ave. on Dec. 7 for a man who was wanted on a 24-hour domestic warrant out of East Providence. Dispatch advised that he had a girlfriend who lived in Building 12. He said he and several other officers showed up at the door around 1:45 a.m., and the girlfriend opened the door at the same time that a window was opened inside the apartment. The suspect jumped from the third story window and ran off into the woods before they could get him. They were searching the backyards in the area when an officer radioed that he had the suspect in a driveway on New Market Street. Arthur Pacheco, 31, of 26 Dean St. in Rehoboth, Mass., was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest and then transported to Rhode Island Hospital for a cut lip and back pain and left in the custody of East Providence Police.


Officer Derik Braga arrested two people at Wal-Mart on Dec. 9 and charged them with shoplifting and conspiracy to shoplift. He said a loss prevention agent pointed to a man in the parking lot he said was involved in shoplifting with a woman in the store who was arrested for it and being held in their office. He said he approached the man, who told him he was waiting for his girlfriend, but Braga patted him down for safety and found a silver knife in the man’s pants pocket. The loss prevention agent said the man and woman were in the store together earlier and had loaded up a carriage with goods before he walked out of the store without her and she followed behind him about 20 seconds later. She was stopped at the door and he was stopped when Braga arrived. Loss prevention said they had $442.45 worth of goods in the shopping cart and that they had the whole incident on video. Kelly Masterson, 27, of 79 Meadow Road in North Providence, was later released on $2,000 personal recognizance, and Joseph John Rothermel, 29, of 141 Yorktown Road in North Kingstown, was held on $3,000 surety bail on the new charge and held as a Superior Court probation violator.

Officer Christopher Leclair reported arresting a shoplifting suspect at Kmart on Garfield Avenue on Dec. 7. Loss prevention said Dilya Nunez, 25, of 63 Congress Ave. in Providence, stole $65.83 worth of clothing. She was later released with a summons.

Kimberly Sebastian, 42, of 26 Gough Ave. in West Warwick, was charged with stealing $50.02 worth of skin products and medicine from the Kmart on Garfield Avenue on Dec. 6. She was stopped outside after she failed to pay for the goods.

Two North Providence people were charged with shoplifting and conspiracy to shoplift at the Wal-Mart store on Plainfield Pike on Dec. 18. Loss prevention told Officer Matthew Josefson the man and woman walked into the electronics department and cut a GPS unit from a security peg and concealed several DVDs before they walked out of the store without paying for the $217.22 worth of concealed goods. Josefson said he found a silver knife on Jeffrey Richards, 33, of 4 Springdale Drive in North Providence, and a black and silver knife in the pocketbook of Michelle Palumbo, 37, of 6 Sunflower Circle in North Providence. He said he also found a set of brass knuckles in plain sight on the seat of their car. They were charged with shoplifting and conspiracy and released with summonses.

Rhonda L. Gonsalves, 44, of 322 Chalkstone Ave. in Providence, was charged with shoplifting and obstructing an officer on Dec. 18. Officer Anthony Sassone McHugh reported that loss prevention was following her when he was dispatched to the Kmart where Gonsalves was being held under a different name for stealing $74.31 worth of merchandise. Sassone McHugh took the suspect to headquarters where fingerprint checks revealed that Gonsalves had at least a dozen aliases but signed for her personal property as Rhonda Gonsalves, even as she was insisting her name was Evelyn Gonsalves and the in-house mug shots of her matched both names.


Officer Bradford Duclos reported he was dispatched to the area of 400 Scituate Ave. around 2 a.m. on Dec. 17 for a struck deer. He said he found the deer had two broken legs and was in obvious pain. Duclos said he called his sergeant and told him of the situation and then dispatched the deer with two rounds to the head. He said the deer was already off the road and DEM would come by in the morning to remove the deer.


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