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Officer Michelle Caron reported a larceny from a store at 3400 Quaker Lane that hasn’t even opened yet. A contractor working on the store, which is to be called “Menchies,” said he brought machinery to the site around Dec. 19 and said he usually leaves his machinery there overnight. He said he was leaving on Jan. 13 when he noticed that the chains and binders he used to hold the machinery down during transport were missing. He said the chains and binders were worth around $300 and he had no suspects or witnesses.


A Turner Street man told police he found the dome light on in his car the morning of Jan. 14 and that the car had been ransacked. He said about $30 in assorted change was missing.

The manager of the Martin School on Toll Gate Road told police she had video surveillance of two juvenile males taking a large toy dinosaur to the side of the building around 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 13 with the possible intent of stealing it. The report was forwarded to detectives.

A Providence man told police he was parked in front of the Food Court at Warwick Mall on Jan. 13 and returned around an hour and a half later to find the parking spot empty around 5:40 p.m. Warwick police put out a statewide “attempt to locate” notice to surrounding departments for a green 1994 Honda Accord.

A Warwick woman came into headquarters on Jan. 19 to report that someone went into her vehicle while she was shopping at the Stop & Shop on Quaker Lane around 6 p.m. and did not realize until later that she left her purse in the shopping cart in the parking lot. She said the American Eagle purse was worth $20 and a Vera Bradley wallet cost $45 and that various bank and credit cards were taken along with about $4 in cash and her identification. She said she checked with the manager and no one reported finding the purse.


Officer Aaron Steere reported he was on Route 95 south around 8:15 p.m. on Jan. 9 when he noticed a minivan in front of him speed up when he drove up behind it and pulled it over when it was doing 64 in a 55 miles per hour section of road. He said he approached the van and saw a heavily taped FedEx shipping box, which Steere associated with narcotics shipments. He said both men claimed they went to Fall River to visit a sick friend and were now heading home to New York, even though one of the men had a Rhode Island license with a Woonsocket address. He said their story contained a number of inconsistencies and faulty timelines and he became suspicious.

He said another officer and a Rhode Island State Trooper arrived to assist. He said he patted one of the men down and found a large amount of money. He said he asked how much and the man said “about $5,000.” He told Steere he was a cab driver but the money was in a black plastic bag inside a gray plastic bag and the man could not tell him what denominations it was in. By the time they were done, the two men were arrested for transporting two boxes containing more than 50 cartons of untaxed cigarettes. He said they also found a number of money transfer forms and two cell phones. In addition to the $5,000, Steere said he found another $231 in the pocket of the man. Abdul Karim, 37, of 778 East 10th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. and Syed Uddin, 51, of 114 Elizabeth St., West Haven, Conn., were charged with importation of cigarettes without paying taxes and conspiracy to import untaxed cigarettes and held for arraignment and further investigation by federal authorities.


Courtney L. Vasconcelos, 21, of 361 Dyer Ave., Cranston, was charged with shoplifting at the Stop & Shop on Greenwich Avenue on Jan. 8. Loss prevention told police she walked out of the store without paying for $171.08 worth of groceries and they had it on video from Dec. 22. Vasconcelos turned herself in and explained she was going through hard times. Police noted that she had no prior arrests, so she was released with a summons.

A Providence woman was charged with stealing a $110 jacket from the JC Penney store in Warwick Mall on Jan. 8. Shazea Jackson, 21, of 30 Wisdom Ave., was stopped outside and held for police. She was later released with a summons.

Carlos Hernandez, 19, of 626 Smithfield Rd., North Providence, was charged with stealing a digital receiver and a dashboard mount for it worth a total of $49.76 from the Walmart on Bald Hill Road on Jan. 9. Loss prevention told police he took the items into the men’s room and removed the packaging and concealed them in his pockets. He was later released with a summons.

Carla M. Moyal, 41, of 20 Peach Ave., Providence, was charged with stealing from the JC Penney store in Warwick Mall on Jan. 9. Loss prevention told police they had video of Moyal concealing a makeup kit worth $52 by laying it on a coat on a stroller and walking out without paying for the kit. She was later released with a summons.

Amanda L. Masi, 29, of 278 Morgan Ave., Johnston, was charged with stealing miscellaneous clothing worth $182.99 from the Walmart on Bald Hill Road on Jan. 12. She was released with a summons.

Krystal Lynn Schofield, 22, of 86 Park View Blvd., Cranston, was arrested at the Walmart on Post Road on Jan. 13. Loss prevention told police they saw her take 11 items from displays and then only paid for four items before leaving the store with the other goods concealed in her handbag. Her boyfriend, Jared Morton, 23, of the same address, was also told that he was not welcome in the store and would be arrested for trespassing if he returned.

Salvatore E. Gentile, 31, and Susan Schofield, 35, of 9 Osceola Ave., Coventry, were arrested at the Walmart store on Bald Hill Road on Jan. 12 after loss prevention told police they followed them through the store and had video of the two concealing stuff in their clothing before leaving the store without paying for the goods. Officer Kevin McGuire reported he found a small amount of marijuana and nine syringes in Schofield’s purse and backpack. Schofield was later released with a summons. Gentile was held for the next session of District Court as a bail violator.

A Warwick man was charged with felony shoplifting on Jan. 13 after loss prevention at the Walmart on Post Road told police he saw Paul J. Cicerone, 41, of 2020 Elmwood Ave., take two electronic devices from the electronics department and conceal them on his person before leaving the store without paying for them. Loss prevention said the goods were worth $209.18 and that they wanted to press charges against Cicerone and have him trespassed from the store. Officer Patrick Smith said he also found and outstanding warrant from North Providence police for breaking and entering in their jurisdiction. He was charged with felony shoplifting and held for North Providence on the breaking and entering charge.


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