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Officer Christopher Lo was dispatched to J. C. Penney at the Warwick Mall, 400 Bald Hill Road, at 3:04 p.m. on May 8 for the report of a shoplifting. Upon arrival, Lo met with a loss prevention officer, who said she observed a female select two bracelets from the Fine Jewelry Department and drop one of them – a Paloma and Ellie bracelet – into a shopping bag and put the other one back on the rack. The woman then selected a Diamond Addiction box of jewelry, valued at $133.32, and put it in the shopping bag. The woman was then observed selecting an eye gel (Ole Henriksen, valued at $38) and two other items (Peter Thomas Roth laser eye serum, valued at $58, and Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firm, valued at $48) from a skin care shelf in Sephora and putting them in the shopping bag. The woman then exited the mall, passing all points of sale and making no attempt to pay for the concealed merchandise.

Loss prevention then confronted the woman, identified herself and attempted to escort her back into the store, but she said the woman became uncooperative and began shouting for her daughter, who was in the Sephora Department. With the help of fellow loss prevention officers, the woman was restrained, handcuffed and escorted back into the store, at which time she became cooperative. Lo said the total value of unpaid merchandise found in the woman’s shopping bag was $329.38.

After being advised J. C. Penney wanted to press charges and have the woman trespassed from the store, Lo placed Mary Ferrara, 54, of 65 School St. in Fall River, Mass., in handcuffs and transported her to Warwick Police headquarters, where she was fingerprinted and processed. Lo said she will be held for the next session of the Bail Commissioner on one count of misdemeanor shoplifting.


Officer Matthew Moretti received a call for service from dispatch at 9:45 p.m. on May 12 indicating that they had received a radio transmission from a detective who said he was following behind a vehicle on Route 95 north passing the Airport Connector. The detective reportedly indicated the vehicle in question was driving in between the second and third lane of travel, swerving from lane to lane.

Moretti said he entered the highway from Jefferson Boulevard, spotted the vehicle and performed a traffic stop just after exit 16 on Route 95 north.

Upon making contact with the operator, Moretti said he immediately detected the smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle and the operator was observed to have a green leafy substance on his pants. When asked if he had been smoking marijuana, the man reportedly said that he had earlier in the night. Moretti reports the man had watery, bloodshot eyes and was speaking in a slurred manner.

When asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, the man reportedly said there was a mason jar in the center console that contained marijuana. When asked why he had marijuana on his lap, the man reportedly said he was trying to “pack a bowl” to smoke.

When asked to exit the vehicle, Moretti said he observed the man to be unsteady on his feet, and when asked if he had drank any alcoholic beverages, the man reportedly said in a slurred manner that he had five or six beers and that he was “more stoned than drunk.” Moretti said he detected the smell of an intoxicating beverage on the man’s breath at that time and asked him if he would submit to a field sobriety test, to which the man agreed.

During the test, Moretti reports he observed the man to sway from side to side and lift his arms to maintain his balance, as well as exhibiting eyelid tremors, which Moretti said is a sign of cannabis use. As a result of the test, Moretti said the man was found to be unfit to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Michael Petrozzi, 23, of 11 Peppermint Lane in Johnston, was placed in handcuffs and transported to Warwick Police headquarters.

Prior to leaving the scene, Moretti said Petrozzi’s vehicle was searched and a green leafy substance in a mason jar was found in the center console, which Moretti believed to be marijuana. It was seized and taken to headquarters.

Upon arrival at headquarters, Moretti said Petrozzi was allowed a confidential phone call, and then refused to submit to a chemical test. Petrozzi was processed and issued a summons and citations for leaving a lane of travel and refusal to submit to a chemical test, with a Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal court date. He was also issued a citation for possession of marijuana one ounce or less. Petrozzi was then released to a sober adult.

Moretti said the marijuana was field tested and weighed. It was weighed at seven grams and tested positive. Photos were taken and entered into evidence.



Officer Hovsep Sarkisian said he was traveling on Post Road at approximately 12:43 p.m. on May 12 when he observed a vehicle in front of him with heavily tinted windows. Sarkisian said he also observed the rear license plate having an expired registration sticker. Sarkisian said he ran the plate and it came back as no active registration on a blue 2008 Nissan, but he said the plate was displayed on what appeared to be a brand new white Nissan Pathfinder. At that time, Sarkisian said he activated his lights and siren and initiated a motor vehicle stop.

Sarkisian said there were two occupants in the vehicle, who he didn’t observe until the tinted windows were rolled down. Sarkisian said he made contact with both occupants and asked for identification, which each provided. Through a license and warrant check, Sarkisian said it was discovered the passenger had an active warrant issued for his arrest out of the Providence Police Department for failure to appear on an original charge of assault, which was entered into the system in January 2012. Senobio Padilla, 54, of 3034 Albany Cresant St. in Bronx, N.Y., was placed in handcuffs and secured in another officer’s cruiser to be transported to Warwick Police headquarters for printing and processing.

Through further investigation, Sarkisian said it was discovered that the vehicle the operator was driving was in fact registered but did not have its proper registration plates affixed. When asked about this, Sarkisian said the operator alleged that he had no idea, saying, “the plates were from my older car. Tasca was supposed to register it when I bought the car.” Sarkisian said the plates were then seized and secured at headquarters due to the fact they were no longer actively registered and the vehicle that the operator currently owns has plates.

Sarkisian said he then responded to police headquarters, where he printed and processed Padilla and secured him in a cell until he was to be transported. The warrant was removed from the system.


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