Police Log



On June 6 at approximately 6:51 a.m., Sergeant Randy Francis along with the Warwick Fire Department were dispatched to the former Gorton Junior High School for a report of a vehicle that was in park idling with a male suspect inside who appeared to be unresponsive and passed out.

At the scene, Sergeant Francis reported that he observed a red Toyota Corolla to be parked on the driveway of the school that exits to Draper Avenue. The operator, later identified as Jacob Smith, 18, of 28 East Washington Street in North Attleboro, appeared dazed when the officer approached. According to the report, a faint smell of burnt marijuana was emanating from the vehicle.

Members of the fire department, who were first on scene, questioned Smith regarding his health and welfare. Smith provided contradicting stories as to how he arrived at the location, and he provided a driver’s license that was not in his name.

When questioned further about his identity, he handed over Massachusetts Department of Corrections discharge papers, which identified him as Jacob Smith. He stated the papers were from when he was arrested for stealing a car. Sergeant Francis asked Smith who the car he was currently in belonged to, Smith stated it was his friend’s vehicle. The car was later identified as belonging to a 69-year-old woman in North Attleboro, and that it had been reported as stolen.

Smith was asked to step out of his vehicle, and told the officer “I don’t want to go to jail again.” A search of the vehicle found no contraband, however many items belong to Smith were found and held for safekeeping. Smith was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters, while the car was towed from the scene. He was charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle, and later transported to the Third District Court for arraignment.


Bryan Wilson, 41, of 39 Leahy Drive in Bristol, was arrested on June 10 at approximately midnight for suspicion of driving under the influence.

That evening, police received a call of a motor vehicle on the front lawn of a residence at 490 Oakland Beach Avenue. When Officer Christopher Fernandez arrived on scene, he found a dark colored Chevy SUV with what appeared to be a man passed out in the driver’s seat. The keys were still in the ignition while the car was off, and Wilson’s left hand was on the steering wheel. In his left hand was a half eaten Burger King sandwich.

Officer Fernandez woke Wilson, and observed his eyes to be severely bloodshot. Wilson said he knew he was in Warwick, and confirmed he was driving the vehicle. He first said he had reason to be at the residence, and then stated he had no reason to be there.

After exiting the vehicle, Wilson told the officer that he had a boat at one of the local marinas, that he was a commercial fisherman, and that he had been drinking on his boat and drove to get some food. He then consented to participate in a series of standardized sobriety tests.

Based on the officer’s experience and training, and his interactions with the suspect, it was determined that Wilson was unfit to operate a motor vehicle safely. He was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters, where he later refused to take a chemical breathalyzer test.

Wilson was charged with driving under the influence, first offense, refusal to submit to a chemical breathalyzer test. He was held until the next morning as a probation violator.


On June 3 at approximately 1:28 p.m., Officer Christian Vargas met with a complainant in the lobby of police headquarters in reference to a stolen motor vehicle.

The reporting party, a manager from Balise Nissan on Post Road stated that the company believed they had a vehicle that was stolen. After reviewing their inventory, they were unable to locate a 2017 Nissan Rouge towards the end of May. The manager stated that they had conducted a thorough check of inventory but were unable to locate the car.

A VIN was provided to Officer Vargas, and the manager stated that the log kept for key counts showed a current longtime employee had checked the key out on February 27, and that he was not suspected of any foul play.

There are currently no suspects or witnesses, and the case was forwarded to detectives for review.


Officer Thomas Greene was dispatched to a Warwick Avenue residence on June 4 at approximately 5 a.m. for a report of malicious damage.

At the scene, the officer observed a vehicle parked along the roadside that had a crack in the center of the windshield. He met with the reporting party, who stated that the car was parked there the day before when she returned home from the Oakland Beach fireworks. When she returned the next morning she discovered the damage.

The woman stated that she was unsure of who would damage her car, and said she found an empty vodka bottle on her front lawn and was unsure if that was what caused the damage. As multiple members of the residence had handled the bottle, it was unable to be processed for fingerprints. There are currently no suspects or witnesses.


On June 6 at approximately 5:40, Officer Tyler Stone along with other officers from the department responded to a Diamond Hill Road residence for a report of a larceny from a vehicle.

At the scene he spoke with the homeowner, who stated that sometime between the evening of May 31 and June 1, his car was broken into and three credit cards were taken. He reported that the cards were taken from his wallet which had been left in the unlocked car which had been parked in his driveway.

The resident also stated that the cards were used at an area McDonalds and the Coventry Walmart on June 1. The Walmart transaction totaled $1,387.79, and there were also declined charges on the cards.

There are currently no suspects, however the case was forwarded to detectives as the complainant wished to press charges if suspects were found.


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