Police Log


On July 10 at approximately 2 p.m., Officer Rose Michel was dispatched to the Warwick Mall for a report of identity fraud. Dispatch had advised the officer that the reporting party stated that two subjects, a man and woman, were in the mall and had attempted to use someone’s identity to make a purchase at the Zales jewelry store.
At the scene, mall security pointed to the woman who was walking in the parking lot away from the mall’s food court area. As Officer Michel approached the woman, she reportedly observed the male subject walking in the parking lot by Jared’s. At that time, Officer Aaron Steere arrived on scene, and he approached the male suspect while Officer Michel approached the woman.
As Officer Michel spoke with the woman, who was later identified as Patricia Chivers, 32, of 30 Glen Road in Cranston, Detectives Lo and Chanthaphouvong also arrived on scene. Prior to identifying Chivers, she stated that she did not have her identification on hand, and she rummaged through her backpack. Officer Michel watched Chivers rummage through her backpack and wallet, and observe her pass by two drivers’ licenses. When asked about the licenses, Chivers said that they belonged to her cousin. She said she uses her cousin’s information to access her Victoria Secret/Pink Angel credit card account via the store’s computer system.
Mall Security approached Officer Michel and stated that Chivers attempted to make a purchase at Zales, and provided a license that did not match her physical description. The purchase was declined.
Officer Michel searched Chiver’s backpack and allegedly found various credit, debit, gift, and identification cards. She also found a green plantlike substance which she believed was marijuana. The detectives did procedural checks on the identification cards, which revealed that they had been reported stolen.
Chivers was taken into custody while the items in the backpack were seized. She was transported to police headquarters, where it was later revealed that the substance found on Chivers tested positive for marijuana. She was charged with two counts of identity fraud, one count of fraudulent computer access, two counts of receiving stolen goods, and possession of marijuana.

Officer Brian Murray was dispatched to a Halifax Drive residence for a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle on July 8 at 11:48 a.m. There he met with a victim who reported that she noticed that her black leatherwork bag was missing, along with her wallet, from her vehicle.
She stated that she checked her Bank of America account and noticed a debit card transaction at Rhode Island Mall for $108.87, and that it was used again at the Broadway Express Station in Providence for $76.43.
Also in her wallet was $120 in cash, her driver’s license, gift cards and credit cards. Also in her workbag were her $5,000 wedding and engagement rings, which she provided a description of.
On July 11, Detective Christopher Lo, who was reviewing the earlier report of the identity theft allegedly committed by Patricia Chivers in the above report. He discovered that Chivers allegedly sold a gold and diamond ring for $132.66 to the Gold and Carat Exchange in Warwick Mall. A description of the ring reportedly matched the one found at the mall store. The victim was contacted by the detective, who left a message about the discovery.

On July 8 at approximately 2:38 p.m. Officer Brian Murray was dispatched to a Great Hill Drive residence for a report of a larceny from a vehicle. He then met with the victim, who stated that she noticed that her black Michael Kors wallet was missing from her vehicle. She then checked her bank account and discovered it had been used at several locations without her authorization. The victim also had her Social Security card, two identification cards, a student ID, credit cards, and $100 cash contained in the wallet.
On July 10, Patricia Chivers, as reported in the log above, was arrested and allegedly connected to this incident.

At approximately 7:49 on July 11, Officer Brian Fontaine along with several members of the department were dispatched to the Bald Hill Road Walmart for a report of a shoplifting in progress. Dispatch advised that a Hispanic male had concealed merchandise while inside the store and allegedly left without paying. He had left in a car headed towards the former Toys R. Us and a license plate number was provided.
At the scene, Officer Fontaine observed the suspected car at the stop light near the Toys R Us. A traffic stop was attempted, however the driver merged onto route 95 north and accelerated to approximately 90 miles per hour. Officer Fontaine then discontinued the chase for safety, as the driver was weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed.
Dispatch later advised that the Rhode Island State Police were able to box in the vehicle at the Warwick/Cranston line and that the suspect was in custody.
Harvey Proffit, 38, of 41 Wildwood Avenue, was arrested and transported by Officer Fontaine to police headquarters, where he was charged with one count of shoplifting, one count as a habitual offender, and one count of eluding police. He was also issued violations for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, use of breakdown lane for travel, and overtaking on the right. He was held as a probation violator.

Officer Javier Cabreja was dispatched to a Love Lane residence on July 15 at approximately 4:20 p.m. for a report of a larceny. At the scene he met with the complainant, who stated that he loaned his father his Orchard 12 foot ladder to use for the day. When he asked his dad if he still had the ladder as he was going to retrieve it, his father went to look for it and noticed that the ladder was no longer there.
His father stated that the ladder was on the front lawn of his Love Lane residence for about four hours. He stated that the ladder was valued at approximately $400. The owner stated he wished to press charges if a suspect was found, and the report was forwarded to department detectives for review.

On July 17 at approximately 10:30 a.m. Officer Ben Bratko was dispatched to the commercial building at 931 Jefferson Boulevard for a report of malicious damage. There he spoke with the property manager, who stated the parking lot area of the building had been vandalized. The railing on the gazebo behind the building had several holes in the side, and damage was estimated at $1,500. Additionally there was trash strewn through the parking lot and a picnic table had been turned over and pushed down a hill. There were no witnesses and a report was taken for documentation purposes.


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